Magical express packet

I have a trip planned for the 3rd week in May. I have not received my packet for the magical express yet. Any idea when I should be getting the packet?

I never received a packet, but they had a record of my reservation when I arrived.

Do I just give them my name?

They usually ask to scan your magicbands

I just got mine today and we arrive May 8th.

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We got ours 2 weeks before we leave. It is an envelope.

I completely forgot about this. We leave May 14th, but I will be away from home as of May 9th, and haven’t received anything, yet. Since they don’t collect your bags from baggage claim, is there anything in the packet that you really need?

International guests never receive anything, so no it doesn’t matter at all. One time I even left the paperwork at home, no magic bands. They just looked up our reservation and we were good to go.


Not really. All it is now is a letter with the DME reservation info on it. But like it has been said it’s not critical to have it. They can look it up.

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