Magical Express on 5/3

We’ve been on the DME for over 1 hour (on a Friday afternoon) and still aren’t at our resort (Animal Kingdom Lodge). We left MCO at 4:23p and stopped at Beach Club, Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation and are finally getting close to AKL. This seems exceptionally slow, especially since I have a 4yo and 2yo in tow. Are other people experiencing something similar?

No. Just got back. Arrive 4/27. Bus to AoA arrived within 15 minutes and the ride was 30 minutes direct. Most of the resort ls had their own bus.

Also took it back to MCO with no issues today.

ME to AKL is very slow because it is at the end of that long list. I don’t do it anymore partly for that reason.

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I have always stopped at a couple of resorts on my way to AKL. I always love being on DME and enjoy seeing all the resorts, but I am crazy.


Seems usual. One should expect it to take 2-2.5 hrs from wheels down to arrival at resort. Arriving during rush hour on a Friday, perhaps more. You’ll be there soon.


That sounds miserable with a 2 yo and 4 yo. They probably found it really hard to sit still with all of the excitement.