Magical Express luggage tag question

We travel to WDW on 10/8, should I be worried if I have not yet receive Magical express luggage tag in mail? I booked Magical express on line, and have the confirmation.

It’s probably not a problem, but you may want to give DME a call just to make sure. Our check-in is 10/11, and we received our luggage tags on Monday.

I would call now & ask them to re-send. One year we didn’t have tags & just stopped by the DME desk and they were able to retrieve the bags without them, so you can still use DME without the tags. But I feel better with them…

Did you receive the booklet of coupons in the mail? We leave on 10/6 and our MDE tags were tucked in the back of that.

Didn’t receive any coupons. But we got magic bands two weeks ago.