Magical Express, luggage and arriving a day ahead of time

Hi everyone, My DH and I have a trip scheduled for December but do to our WDW resort reservations and our ability to get a flight that doesn't arrive in the middle of the night, we are ending up going a day a head of time and having to stay at an off site hotel for the first night. Does anyone know if we put our Magical Express tags on our bags if they will make it to our room? (Yes Magical Express will be running at the time we arrive, as we will be getting in at 4 PM.) I am not wanting to have to all all of the luggage around to the other hotel and then over to WDW if we don't have to. So in short, will Disney take the our bags and hold them until the next for us?

Your bags will not bet taken to your room unless you or at least one in your party takes ME to the resort.

Okay, as that is not how it was two years ago. We had a rental car and they picked up our bags and they arrived in our room as we did not actually right ME at any time during our stay. My DH is not fond of buses and shuttles so the rental car is one of the things that we splurge on. Thank you for the information as it sounds like things have changed some....well I know many things have changed smile

Yeah I am also under the impression that you have to use DME in order for WDW to take your bags. I would plan on picking up your bags at the airport and not using the yellow tags.

Officially policy is you need to ride the bus. In reality the bag grabbers have no idea of knowing who got on the bus and who didn't so your luggage may still arrive at your resort just like it would if you had been on DME. I personally wouldn't risk it but I'm a strict rule follower kind of gal.