Magical Express? LOL!

Not so much! Must have been 200 people crammed in there, couldn’t even see where the check in point was located. SO… seven minutes later we are in the Uber.


Good call, methinks! :slight_smile:

It looks bad at first then they separate everyone. We got onto our bus and there were only 4 of us at that point. Ya never know.

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What happened to the other four members of your family? :wink:

Where is your luggage? The line for Magical Express can look deceptively long. It actually can be very fast when it looks like that. The buses can load right away and then leave. I am sorry you missed the chance to sit on the bus and watch the video. I have even had a bus driver sing to the bus as we drove under the archway welcoming us to wdw.


Aaaaand Uber took a wrong turn… Whoops! We are at HS! Will our Magic Bands work right away without going to resort first? We are winging it over here :rofl:


With your luggage? Without scanning in to DME?

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Cast member at DME said go ahead and Uber, confirmed that our luggage would still go. Hope that was true! :joy:

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Currently chowing on Mickey Bars in line for Star Wars Launch Bay before 1st FP. 1hr 41min from landing. And it is HOT!!!


Anyone ever take DME back after dropping off a rental car? No luggage, one person.

In the middle of a stay?

No, first day. We thought we’d drop our stuff off at the resort and then one of us would take the car back to the rental counter and use DME to get back to the resort. Then we’d take DME at the end of our stay and fly home.

You can take DME at either end of your stay. WhT kind of rental car? You can drop off a rental at Disney too with some companies.

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Probably Hertz. That’d be the best option by far but I searched their locations and the closest ones were off-property near I- 65.

You can check airline schedules and say you are artiving on a later flight.

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Yes, that was the plan :grin:

I’m dying to know if you get your luggage? Hope you’re having a blast!


I have a feeling we might take an Uber instead of using Magical Express too on our upcoming trip. Do you know if we are required to cancel the Magical Express ride??

No, you do not need to cancel.

Thanks! Because I know we won’t feel like canceling if that happens.