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So American Airlines switched our flight from a red-eye to not a red eye. :roll_eyes:

We were originally planning on landing, dropping off our stuff at CBR and immediately going to Epcot for RD. Now we land the night before at 10:30pm, but have no place to stay. Is it possible to stay near the airport and then take DME in the morning? How early could we take it? Is there a good hotel to do so? Could we maybe pack sleeping bags and find a quiet corner of the airport to crash for a few hours?

CBR does not have any preferred rooms for the extra night and the only other places I can see that can sleep 5 and have availability are $500+/night.

Can anyone think of another option? American offered to refund the flight, but the timing is much more important than the money and I can’t find another flight that lands in time for us to make Epcot.

There is a Hyatt in the Orlando Airport. We’ve stayed there the night before a cruise. Super convenient!

Two rooms at Pop or All Stars?

Cool. I’ll look into it.

Nothing at all on prop. less than $350/night, which seems silly given we’ll spend a total of 8 hours there.

Choose anywhere near airport within your budget and to your liking. Report an airline change to Magical Express and provide flight arrival info for any flight arriving st MCO around your desired Magical Express time. Return to MCO from your nearby hotel at about that time, luggage in tow. Voila!


We stayed at the Hyatt in the airport. I would stay there and take an early Magical Express.

Did something similar last year to avoid a potential incoming storm. Stayed at the Embassy Suites near MCO and took DME over the next morning. I was way earlier than the flight I had told them, but it was no problem.

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To amplify @OBNurseNH’s thought: choose an airport area hotel that has a complementary shuttle that runs on an as-needed basis… then go with things on your schedule.

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Since the turnaround is so quick (land at 10:30 try to be at Epcot RD at 9:00) I think we’re looking at the airport Hyatt. It’s only $80 more than a cheapie shuttle accessible hotel. What time should we schedule DME if we want to get to CBR, drop off stuff, and then get to Epcot RD @ 9:00.

I believe DME runs from 5am to 10pm continuously. You may want to catch DME around 6:30am to insure RP at EPCOT :slight_smile:

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Also can’t hurt asking your airline if they would put you up for a night due to the change.

Yeah, I’ve been yelling at them over the phone and just wrote an angry email. I’m actually not that angry, but I find it super frustrating that I made this reservation in April and they’re just pulling it out from under me now.

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