Magical Express can a 17yo ride alone?

My son (17 yo) is joining us on a trip to WDW, but he is arriving 2 days after I arrive with 2 of my other children. He is flying alone (no problem, he’s done that plenty) but the question is will Magical Express allow him to transfer to our hotel from the airport? This is in December, and we have a reservation at POP and he is listed as a guest on the reservation.

Just wondering if anyone knows if kids under 18 are allowed to travel on ME without an “adult”.

Children as young as 12 can ride DME unaccompanied, from what I am finding.


OK- I’m not seeing it as a booking option online, so I’ll call them and check and report back. :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

Just use this form:


Dd did this in 2018 when she was 16yo (turned 17 while we were there).

Ds and I took the AutoTrain down and arrived a day or two before dd (we also stayed at Pop). Dd flew down by herself and took DME to the resort. I had her text me a few times (upon landing, on the bus, when she arrived on property, etc). Dd landed late at night so I was a little bit nervous, …but she did great. :sunglasses:


If I use that form, it auto selects for adult at least 1 person. I suppose I could just say 1 adult…

Oh. I missed that you have to include at least 1 adult in that reservation form.

Hmm… might be best to call then I guess. I think the number is right on there.

I think so-- but then the “adult” on the form is technically the reservation holder, which is me… I will just call them tomorrow. I’m glad to know it’s worked for others before. I was getting a little twitchy thinking I’d have to rent a car just to go pick him up lol!

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My TA set up the DME for her so I don’t know how she answered those questions.

I had my car, but also had a 12yo with me and dd landed after 11pm. I wasn’t a fan of dragging him out that late if I didn’t have to. It did take a leap of faith on my part to let my “baby” navigate it all by herself, but as I already shared … she did just fine.

It was good practice for a few months later when she flew by herself back and forth to

Atlanta …where the arranged transportation dropped her off at the Atlanta airport far too late (not dd’s fault) and she missed her flight. She called me from the Southwest counter and I paid the difference for the next flight w/ my credit card over the phone.

and week or so later

Chicago … where she then got a ride to Dubuque, IA. It was Thanksgiving weekend and there was a freak snowstorm the day she was returning. Her Southwest flight was cancelled and I managed to get her on an earlier flight on American (I think?). She then needed to pay to check her bag, only had cash, and they only accepted credit. She ended up paying $5 or $10 (plus the amount for the fee) for a “gift card” at a vending machine to pay the bag check fee.

After both of those experiences (which dd handled like a champ) we got her a credit card to carry for emergencies!


Wow that’s a lot!! Luckily my son just got his debit card (he’s a little behind the game at 17) and so he can pay incidentals using that (if he remembers his PIN!!). I sent my twins in an uber late night at LAX when they were just barely 18… It was interesting lol. I feel like Magical Express is 100% easier to navigate than typical airport transportation options…


If it matters for posterity of this question, I just had my TA book my son the Magical Express. I’m happy to hear that it’s worked for unaccompanied teens before! As he’s 17, and has done the ME a couple of times, I feel good about it as an option for him.

Also, my TA can see the reservation confirmation for ME from his end, even though I didn’t get an email conf or anything from DME to my own inbox. I’m not stressing- it’s all linked on the magic band and should be golden.