Magical Express Booking Online


Hey folks! For the first time I’m booking my own resort stay through MDE. Magical Vacations Travel didn’t have a deal during the time I am going, but I was able to book a passholder room-only discount. I noticed that there is a place in my plans to note whether I want to use Magical Express to and/or from the airport. If I complete this information, do I also need to call Magical Express with my plan information or is this sufficient?


I called to make sure but I don’t think it’s necessary. Honestly after what I just saw last week I’m convinced you can just show up and it would be fine (you have to carry your luggage yourself though if you do that).


I think you need to book it, or they won’t have your flight info or send you tags.


My MVT agent has always booked it for me. I just give her my flight info.


If you didn’t select DME, when you booked your room, go here…

or call.


Thank you all so much! I appreciate the help!