Magical Express Booking Online

Hey folks! For the first time I’m booking my own resort stay through MDE. Magical Vacations Travel didn’t have a deal during the time I am going, but I was able to book a passholder room-only discount. I noticed that there is a place in my plans to note whether I want to use Magical Express to and/or from the airport. If I complete this information, do I also need to call Magical Express with my plan information or is this sufficient?

I called to make sure but I don’t think it’s necessary. Honestly after what I just saw last week I’m convinced you can just show up and it would be fine (you have to carry your luggage yourself though if you do that).

I think you need to book it, or they won’t have your flight info or send you tags.

My MVT agent has always booked it for me. I just give her my flight info.

If you didn’t select DME, when you booked your room, go here…

or call.

Thank you all so much! I appreciate the help!

Riddle me this WDW gurus - I have a resort reservation from 2/7 - 2/10. On 2/10, I need to be back at the airport where I will be picked up for work related business for a company in Orlando. I don’t leave Orlando until 2/12. Is there any way for me to use Magical Express on 2/10 since I don’t have a flight until 2/12? I would feel safer using Disney transportation back to airport rather than a Lyft or Uber.

Just pick a flight, and book DME as if you are on it. If you stay on property, they promise you a return ride to the airport. It’s a perk of on-site stays. They don’t really care what you do once you get there IMO. People do this and then stay at the airport hotel all the time (both ways) for convenience with super early or super late flights.