Magic Vacations Travel Labor Day Special for 2018

OK. First off I have absolutely no connection to MVT. I am using them as a customer for the first time March 2018. I had a reservation for this time period that I made myself as I always do online. After getting a quote from Darcy at MVT, I scraped my reservation and went with her. Why you might ask. $1000 savings. There are some things that had to change though. I could only get 8 days of park tickets instead of the 10 I was looking for. You do however get a bonus day of a waterpark, golf, etc. I got the Meal plan and everything else I was looking for. Deposit is one days lodging and is refundable up to 5 days before the reservation. How can they have such saving over what you can get at or DTC. This is how it works. Magical Vacations Travel buy lots of 10 rooms for a min. of three days. They guarantee Disney business reservations there money no matter whether they fill them or not. This is called the convention rate and does not use DTC for these reservations. All transaction are done via the travel agency as they pay Disney up front. Because Disney gets their money for these rooms no matter what, they offer them at substantial discounts to MVT and they pass these on to their customers. Only certain dates and times are available so they may not meet your needs.
Now the reason for this post. Magical Vacations Travel is offering their Labor Day Special and what a Special it is! They deal with rooms only for the discount portion and have some limitations on tickets and meal plans. This special takes place for the date August 15 through September 5. Limited availability. Comes with a max of 8 days of park tickets with or without park hopper and water parks and more, and one day of Water Parks, golf, etc. There is NO meal plan with this offer. You can’t even add it on. Here is an example of the savings. Poly. for 12 days: Disney’s price at rack rate is 9369.15 reg. view room plus 8 days parkhopper with water parks and more. NO meal plan. MVT’s price for same is 4963.17 or a savings of 4405.98. 12 day at The Beach Club standard view with 8 days of park tickets with parkhopper and water parks and more: 7677.15 via DTC at rack rate. MVT 4855.17 for same coming to a savings of 2821.98. Now the DTC savings comparison is based on rack room rates and there are specials that will bring that room price down but no where near MVT’s quote. So to end this. I have booked a vacation through DARCY at MVT in March and now at the prices and times stated, one this fall. This may not be for you but you should get a quote for this type of vacation and compare it to what you or DTC can come up with. I put this out here because I feel it is a good deal. If you do not please ignore this post and continue on the way you wish in making any Disney vacation plans. Once again, I have no connection to MVT other than Agent, customer relationship. I am also giving a shout out for the agent I use. Darcy has been wonderful. There are many other agents at MVT and if you prefer select one of them for your quote. A quote costs you nothing and may save you a bundle.


I just got a quote also for 8/28 - 9/5 @ Poly. PH tix, no water parks but we can use the bonus ticket they give you for 1 day at water park. $4100. Seems great for Poly . Any idea on the crowds for that time period? Only other trip I’ve done was Mermorial day weekend thru early June. Very crowded and I wonder if this will be better or worse.

It will basically be summer still and hot and humid. I have a reservation for Poly for that period and had no problem adding Parkhopper and Water Parks and more. To find out what type of deal you are getting go to and price it out via online site. The crowds will be crazy and if I am not mistaken it will be the first days of MNSH. Remember though that with this special you can NOT get a meal plan or even add one on.