Magic Shots at MNSSHP Timing

Working on our MNSSHP TP (we’ll be there a week from tomorrow, yay!). My thoughts are to hit up a bunch of magic shots at 7pm, starting at the Haunted Mansion and then moving our way to Main St to do the cauldron, flaming pumpkin and ghost dancer shots. How long does it take to get a magic shot? Are they typically long lines? Not sure how to address this in my TP.

We were just there this past Thursday and the party was sold out, so the lines were long for almost every character and magic shot photo. Ended up waiting until the end to get some photos, because I didn’t want to miss the rest of the party. I would expect at least 15-20 mins with the lines I saw.

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Awesome, thanks!

we were there on 10/3 and some of the photo pass folks had the magic shots available at 4pm… you had to have a party band… we did the poison apple cauldron one at 4:30ish!! so after you get your band, don’t be afraid to ask if they have any of them available… we also saved the headless horseman shot out front for last… we left right at 11:45p from the gates and were fortunate that no one was in line!


Good to know. I was wondering if getting there early would benefit us if nothing starts until 7 (and we already did MK & rides earlier on this trip) but if we can get some Magic Shots out of the way, that would be great.