Magic morning vs touring plan vs # prediction

Strategy question. Large family group, all ages. At DL next Tuesday. Crowd is projected high, magic morning in effect. Do we use touring plan in the AM? We have 7 first timers in our group and 5 AP holders in our group. I am wondering if the EMH will throw off touring plan too much. Would do DCA but the newbies in our group, have no reference for DCA and will be confused to go to Disneyland and not start there:) Do we start with DL even tho numbers are higher and its a magic morning? Thanks!!

I’m planning a trip the first week in August when the CLs will all be in the 7-9 range. I’m specifically planning my days around NOT doing RD at a park with MM/EE. But with 50+ days at DLR over the years, I’m not a newbie and don’t have reference problems. With group of first-timers I assume that you want them to see as much as possible; for that reason I recommend avoiding EE mornings. Most of DCA is pretty self-explanatory; if they haven’t seen “Cars”, you may want to have them watch that first. For kids, maybe 'a bug’s life" as well. The rest can be pretty much enjoyed for what it is…

Thank you! That’s where I’m leaning that it’s not worth the strife of the EE/MM crowd throwing us off. That we’d do better to go where playing field is level…(no EE/MM)

Do you have the EMH access? If so, I don’t think the crowd level will be an issue if you camp out at the gates 30 mins before EMH until about 10 when the crowd really starts pouring in. I find that (for days with EMH at 7) that the park is relatively manageable until about 10 but things can get bad after that.

If without the EMH access, I would agree that you skip the EMH park and go to the other park.