Magic Morning @ DL: How early + when/where to arrive and other tips

We plan to utilise our 1 Magic Morning pass at Disneyland in a couple of weeks when we’re visiting. Wondering if there are any tips & tricks we should be thinking about and plan for? Such as…

-If MM starts at 8am, what time should we be there to get in within a reasonable amount of time (I don’t have to literally be the first person in but would like to take advantage of this window of time too)?

-Where do we go to line up? I assume just follow the crowds, but are there any suggestions or tips on where and how to line up to make life easier at that time in the morning?

-Any other best practices, tips and tricks we should be thinking about in terms of taking advantage of this? I’ve read the posts on the various strategies for a) staying in one park, b) focus on rides that don’t have Fastpasses, etc? But love to hear any other ideas.

Thank you!

Can’t tell you how early to get there since I was there pre-RotR boarding gates when we could just waltz right through the gates in the morning.

We did get into Tomorrowland by 7:15 though on our MM, and we were able to quickly walk on ST, buzz, Astro orbiter, while getting a FP for space mountain. Then we circled back to Fantasyland and Matterhorn before going back to do Autopia before space mountain. It was amazing how quickly we were able to accomplish this.

I found in general though that DL remained busier on early morning days, so after our space mountain FP I used max pass to start stacking FP’s at CA. We changed parks by 10:30 am. Worked great for us…made the most of the early morning advantages, but then took advantage of CA typically being less busy on this days.

If you arrive at the gates around 30 min prior to EE opening you should be ok - definitely don’t arrive later than that. With RotR crowd clogging things up, you may want to show up 45-60 min early. Also, if you have to park, arrive another 30 min before that (90 min total).

You can line up behind any one of the open turnstiles (there will be signage and CMs at the turnstile if it’s open). I recommend finding one that has a tree blocking it, because those lines tend to split after the tree into multiple entry points, doubling the speed of those lines. Of course, if you’re early enough you could be first in line or be able to see which is shortest.