Magic morning confusion

My experience has been that if I stay at a Disney Resort hotel I may take advantage of early entry at whichever park is offering the extra hour in the morning for the duration of my stay. Now it looks like I have to have a 3+ day ticket to be eligible for early entry, but this perk is available to anyone purchasing a 3+ day ticket , regardless of the hotel they choose.

Can I stay at a Disney resort hotel, get a two day ticket, and still enjoy early entry?

Sorry, I can’t help. The only time I’ve stayed at a Disney resort I’ve had a 3 day ticket…

I think you are confusing early entry and magic morning. If you stay onsite, you get early entry everyday regardless of what kind of ticket you have. If you are staying offsite and purchase a 3 day or longer ticket before you arrive, you get to have one magic morning which is only at Disneyland park, generally Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday morning. Only onsite gets early entry to California Adventure, generally on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So yes, stay onsite and buy a 2 day ticket and you will have early entry both days.

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