Magic mobile on apple watch

has anyone tried to use the magic mobile with the apple watch? i have my pass and both my kids’ passes in my apple wallet and in my phone, just wondering how well it works

I used mine in early April and it worked fine. I only used it for myself though.

I have it for myself on my Apple Watch and it worked well. You tap just like with a regular magic band. You don’t need to do anything.

I’ve seen people with multiple passes and they have to swipe each pass on the screen separately and then tap. This has seemed a bit cumbersome when you’re standing behind someone doing it.

thanks, i wonder if i just turn off the express mode on the kids passes and leave it on for mine if it would work better? the kids will have magic bands

It’s a breeze to use. Last I was there it didn’t have the ability to open my resort room door though.

I might be wrong but I think you can only have express turned on for 1 pass. If they have devices you can share the pass and they can open on theirs.


Badly. It works badly. It would often give the wrong pass no matter what I selected. We ended up deleting my son’s pass from everyone’s device (he was 11 and had his own phone). I will buy him a magic band until he’s old enough to have his own MDE account.

The magic mobile worked great during my solo trip though.