Magic Kingdon two-day touring plan?

Hello Disney peeps.
I think I have finally completed my itinerary for our 5 day vacation at Disney world in October.
We’ll see though. Still waiting for the 60 day mark, for FP access.
Anyway, I changed my original plan so that my family could enjoy Animal kingdom for an extra hour with Magic Hours in the morning.
To do this I needed to swap parks. I switched my MK for AK and visa versa. So now I need to change my touring plan days.
When changing my original MK date for AK, I removed the MK completely for that date. We are doing two days at MK. Previously I used the two day touring plan for MK for tweens. But I don’t see the two-day touring plan anymore. Was it moved or removed?

This site has been invaluable to my family for planning our trip!
I love all the helpful tools and tips others have provided.

Thank you!

I found it. It’s listed in the “Touring Plans for The Whole Family”.