Magic Kingdom Train

I’m planning a late start for my family on our second MK day mainly touring Fronteirland/Adventureland. First FPP is BTMRR at 12:50. We’ve never taken the MK railroad. I’m thinking of taking it from main street and getting off at Fronteriland to start our day there. Does it run consistently, get crowded, good idea or not? I read it stops running during parades and the one that I’m worried about it move it/shake it at 12:30. If we get on the train at 12:15 will it run?

The train stops working when the parade goes through frontierland. Move it-shake it just goes down Main street, circles the hub and returns back up Main street.
The train is a good idea, it saves a lot of walking. we quite often use it at rope drop when our plan begins in frontierland. I am not sure how busy it would be during lunch hour.

The train MAY be faster, or it may not. It depends on many circumstances, including how fast you walk, how crowded the streets are, how busy the train is, if you JUST missed the train, etc.

But in general, I think it would be a good idea to use the train if only to save the steps. It becomes really the first ride of the day…and a relaxing one at that, rather than hoofing it across the park, wearing yourself out before you even get started!


I would say get the train. If the parade is at the hub and Main Street, it will be super busy to get to Frontierland that way.

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback!
So, @donald263, you are saying it should still be running even throughout Move It/Shake It? If so, that’s awesome and alleviates much of my worry.

I agree it will be like a relaxing ride and avoiding the crowded hub is a big plus. Approx. how often does it come? I don’t mind waiting a little while but it would help if I could target a time frame. I can’t seem to find a schedule, if there is one.

The first train leaves Main street station exactly at rope drop. Other than that, there is no schedule. Just from personal experience it seems to come by about every 15 minutes. (You do know that there is a one hour window on your FPP?)