Magic kingdom TP with 4-yo

We are going for 8 nights in sept, a month before my son turns 5. We were booked when
Star Wars was announced but it opens the Thursday before WSU arrive on Sunday. Sigh. Anyway here are my MK days. Advice? Missing any rides I should consider, and what about shows etc? Thanks!!

I assume you’re doing the club level fpp since you have 6 listed each day. Are those allowed to overlap with other fpp? I’ve never seen it mentioned before, i just know normal ones can’t overlap.

Are you going to watch the festival of fantasy parade? If it is at 3pm the day you meet mickey at town square you can probably catch it from the theater porch.

With a 4 year old you might want to keep Tom Sawyer Island in mind for a play break.

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Maybe I am missing something … How do you have 2 FPs before 10 am on a day with a 9 am opening?

I think 12:56 pm is late for lunch with a 4 year old (especially with all those attractions from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm) but you know your child best. My 3.5 year old was ready for lunch by around Noon when we were in WDW.

On Day 2, why wait so late in the day for your FPs? Also, as mentioned by the other poster, I am assuming you have extra FPs from Club Level … if not, you will likely not get 4th and 5th FPs for all the attractions/times you have in the plan.

Sorry. Had a hectic day. Answering the FPP questions, I’m kind of a WDW novice. I couldn’t remember how many I got lol. I thought it was 3 and I could add 2 more after we use those? This is my 2nd trip to WDW since 1988. How many are correct? Also I usually let the tp pick my fpp so I really can’t remember why I picked those. Should I reoptimize? Anything I should add?

Thanks. I had moved the steps around some so I’ll tweak that.