Magic Kingdom Touring Plans

Our window to make fast pass + selections opens soon, so I am trying to finalize my touring plans. We have a total of 5 full days an 2 half days to play with, and 1 additional day we have planned as a rest day could also become a partial park day if needed. I would appreciate your input on our current touring plans! Below are links to our MK plans (I am planning on doing MK on our arrival day for 3-4 hours, and then have two additional full days there). My kids will be 4 (almost 5) and 7, We are planning on taking rest breaks most afternoons to swim and nap. We’re staying at the Polynesian.

Arrival day TP:

–We arrive at MCO at 12:23. Do you think we will be able to make it to MK in time for the FOF parade? I would love to do this on arrival day, both as a nice welcome to Disney, and so that we can be napping at this time on our full MK days later in the week.
–My thinking was this day would be a tour of 3-4 MK highlights that the whole family will enjoy, and then get to bed early – I chose some of my favorites and rides I think the kids will love. I want to do Its a Small World since it will be closed later in our trip. Would it be better to focus on one land?

First full day MK (I created separate morning and afternoon TPs, but they will be the same day):

Second full day MK:

What do you think of our fast pass selections?

For the full day plans, I really tried to limit walking and do one land at a time, for the most part. Since we have at least 2 1/2 days for MK, I am hoping we can fit almost everything in without it feeling too rushed or “commando”. Are there any young kid pleasers you think I am missing that we should plan for? Also, In planning FPs, I am assuming that my kids will do all the rides they are tall enough for at MK. How realistic is that? Splash Mountain is my favorite – so I really hope they like this one as much as I do! If they do not, then we’ll be flexible and do other things, but that will require re-working a couple of fast passes.

One last question – I actually just snagged a 'Ohana reservation for 5 pm on our first MK day. So one possibility would be to take a long rest break that day and return to MK around 7 after Ohana dinner. I also have a 'Ohana 5 pm dinner later in the week (on our HS day), so need to choose which day. Thoughts?

I will post our touring plans for the other parks later. I appreciate any input!

One quick thought: I’d do Ohana on whichever day leaves you time to return to a park. HS closes at 8:00 lots of evenings in late August, so unless it’s an EEMH night then you probably won’t have time to get there and actually do much.

MK will close at 10, and is only a short monorail or boat ride away, so you’ll have considerably more park time left after dinner.

I could see only your arrival day plan. You need to “publish” the others, too. Thanks!

Hmmm…It is telling me they are published. I checked the “publish this plan” box in the edit section, and it now says “This plan is published” when I click on it. Is there anything else I need to do?

Make sure you’re using the link where it says it’s published. If you’re just using the URL link, it won’t show. See how your first link has “print” in it? That’s the published one. I did the same thing last week when sharing mine. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Here are the correct links (I hope!). I will also try to edit my original post:

Arrival Day:

First Full Day MK:

Second Full Day MK:

I think the timing would be tight to get from 12:23 arrival at MCO to get to MK and in place to watch the parade by 3:00. It could work if nothing get delayed, and depending on how you plan on getting around. if your flight arrives at 12:25, it will still take several minutes to “deplane” and get to transport. are you renting a car?

Planning on taking the Magical Express bus. I agree it will be a little tight, but I’m hoping! We would plan to watch the parade from the end of main street, near where the parade ends. I’m hoping that since the parade starts in Frontierland, it won’t reach that area until around 3:15 or 3:20, giving us a few extra minutes to get in place.

If we miss the parade on arrival day, then we will plan to do the parade on our 2nd MK day. We will miss out on some pool/nap time if that happens, but we don’t want to miss that parade!

Re: Ohana – that is a good thought. We have two nighttime priorities for our Hollywood Studios Day – Launch Bay and Star Wars fireworks. So I think that Ohana could technically work either day, but I agree that I won’t be as concerned with the clock if we do Ohana on our MK day. I will need to make other dinner plans for our Hollywood Studios day, though. It also means cancelling Liberty Tree Tavern on our first MK day, which I am fine with. They did treat my gluten free husband really well though when we were there several years ago, so I think he has a soft spot for LTT…

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I’m interested in your plans and seeing your rough plan for the week please as I’m a first timer who is also staying at the Poly for similiar amount of time and my kids are the same age. My ADR day is next week and I keep changing my mind on everything. Your MK plans look good, I actually looked for a copy button. On your last MK day I’d do 7DM after buzz just before Space Mountain, unless you’re hoping to ride 7DM twice. Even then I’d still save my FP for closer to the end of the hour at that time. Do you know that additional FP can now be booked on your phone? With MK having so many rides I would be tempted to use all my FP’s in the morning, and then hopefully pick up an extra 2/3.