Magic Kingdom Touring Plans - Suggestions?

I am all set with my plans now. thank you

HI and welcome. I am not the best at this and could only take a quick look but the two things that stood out to me right away were are you really going to want to eat again at 6;45 after spending from 4;30 to 6;00 eating at the buffet at CP? Way too much food. and then 2. by using your FP for Peter Pan I would check to see if that means you miss the interactive que. Trade off between standing in line in the AC and interacting with tink and shadows and using FP. Will look more later

Gaston’s Tavern is for a snack, not for eating again. That’s not too clear in my TP… but that was my thoughts on it! I didn’t even know about an interactive que?

Not judging but a snack 45 mins after a huge buffet? Though maybe you guys are grazers. The only thing I had at Gaston’s was the cinnamon roll and it was huge. Bring ziplock bags to transport leftovers back to room

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The que is cute. Tink flies around the bedroom and at one point you can play with the shadows! It shows you and you can make shadows do things. Probably similar technology as Turtle Talk (a must see at Epcot with a child IMO)

I have a ton of snack credits… so I was just trying to fit them in somewhere! :slight_smile: I heard that Gaston’s has a really fun drink to try as a snack, so that was what I was going for. Plus, we really wanted to check out that area & I know there is a bathroom somewhere there. On a side note: my daughter is a grazer!

Ahhh! You are probably talking about Le Fou’s brew. I have wanted to taste it and have been to Gaston’s so might have but so unremarkable that I can not remember having it. It has been compared unfavorably to Butterbeer and while the frozen was better than regular that was missable. The brew is frozen apple juice and a marshmallow flavored topping. The regular is eligilble under snacks, the one with the souvenir cup is not.

I am going to make sure to quote this in my TP! It’s all about the experience!

While at Rapunzel’s Tower, make sure you take a few minutes to look around the section between the two pathways for hidden Pascals. It is a lot of fun to do. Aside from that, on the first night, if you’re running a little late, you may have to be redirected to the exit to avoid the MSEP, but it won’t be a problem to get out.

For July 3, expect that the parks will be crowded and (because July 4th falls on a Saturday) that there will be phased closures for Magic Kingdom on the 3rd. The good news is that if you’re staying on property and have a BBB reservation, they should let you in. But just in general, it is going to be crazy full with wall-to-wall people that whole day. Make sure to take bathroom breaks before you need them, because some of the smaller restrooms may have 10-15 minute waits.

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Thanks for the suggestion about the tower! That sounds fun. I tried to schedule very little on the 3rd. I almost reconsidered not going to MK on that day b/c of July 3rd weekend. I was very seriously considering Hollywood Studios instead. BUT this was the only day I could get into BBB!