Magic Kingdom Touring Plan Thoughts

Good afternoon, Thursday will be the first day I will be able to make fast pass reservations and I wanted to toss out my two day MK plan to the group to see if there are any suggestions that could improve it. It will be myself, my wife, my 5 year old daughter and my 1 1/2 year old daughter.

Day 1

Here the attempt is to tackle Fantasyland, the itinerary ends at 4:00 PM, the park closes at 6:00 so this gives us a little wiggle room if things aren’t going exactly to plan, or it allows us to leave the park at a reasonable time and get the kids some rest. We are taking a day off to do a “resort day” at our hotel (WL) in between day 1 and day 2 at the MK to keep the kids fresh as possible.

Day 2

The goal here is to tackle “everything else”. The plan is to be here for rope drop and then head back to our hotel around 12:00 for a nap/swim in the pool then come back to the park around 3:00-3:30. I am hoping to snag an afternoon fast pass for SM SM and BTMR are borderline do-able for our 5 year old so if we skip those rides I wouldn’t be shocked. I am not married to Columbia Harbor House but it looked like the best option for us based on where we will be around dinner time. We also have reservations for the HEA Dessert Party.

One thing that I did not see on the drop down of available attractions was the meet and greet with Merida at Fairytale Gardens. My thought is to squeeze that in around lunch on Day 1 or in the morning on Day 2.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

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Sorry about that, still a rookie here myself, should be all set now.

COlumbia Harbor House is my favorite QS in MK.

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Upfront I will say, I’ve never gone in Sept. I know the crowds are low, but some of these wait times are lower than I expected.

Day 1 Observations:

From one mom to another - make a potty stop before seeing the Let the Magic Begin show. You will need to be able to go straight to Peter Pan in order to avoid a lengthy wait. Don’t believe the posted stand by time that early in the day. When I RD’d PPF it was marked at 45 min, but the wait was actually less than 15 min.

I wouldn’t expect to get 7DMT so early in the day. You might need to swap your times with Enchanted tales with Belle. You’ll have to see what happens on FPP day.

Have you considered moving the Princess Fairytale hall meet & greets to directly after Peter Pan? This is one where TP expected wait time has me scratching my head… seems toooo low.

Looks like you have a really good plan!

With those ages and presumably a stroller, be sure to set your walking speed to relaxed or very relaxed to account for little legs, stroller parking, bathroom breaks, etc.

Have you played with the TP enough to see what happens if you put all your FPP in the am? Especially with lower crowds in Sept, I would think that SD FPP will be available for WTP, IASW, Barnstormer, Dumbo, Under the Sea for the afternoon, if you move your ETWB to earlier in the day (and I definitely agree with using a FPP for this!). If not, your waits are minimal anyway. Looks like a fun day.

You may want to have a 4-h break on day 2 as I noticed you need to travel to resort, eat lunch, and nap/rest/swim, get ready for evening, and travel back and re-enter park and walk to the treehouse You currently only have 180 minutes scheduled for all of this. You have plenty of free time scheduled in the evening so it won’t really alter your plan but you may not return to make it to the treehouse until 4-4.5 hours after you finish BTMRR.

I am wondering about the wait times myself. It seems there are limited rooms left at the place we are staying (WL) and the more popular restaurants are pretty well booked for that week which would seem to indicate that it will be more crowded.

Day 2 Observations

Your first 4 rides of the day are not the best choices for the 1st hour the park is open.
I would do JC, PTOC, BTME and Splash in the morning before break. The 4 rides you have first are more ‘anytime’ rides. Plus, riding splash early is good in case you get wet, you can change while on break. i always wear a disposable poncho and haven’t had any significant issues.

Have you made a copy of these plans, and then let the software optimize for you?
Also, you won’t be able to secure FPPs at 11:00 and then 11:30. They’re done in 1 hour increments.

There are also some FPP tricks.
Swipe MB for FPP, then use the app to modify the next FPP to move the time sooner. Repeat.
Also after using 4th FPP, check the app and secure additional FPPs.

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I’ve heard that Disney hotels are at min 85% occupancy all year long, so we can’t base lack of rooms on how crowded it will be…

7DMT might be tough to get at 10:45 am on day 1.

I don’t think your FP+ are possible for day 2. 3 FP+ within 45 minutes - there has to be some overlap there, which isn’t allowed.

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They only have the characters that have permanent - inside homes.
I put in a break that I name a character meet, with the time I think I will see them, that helps the TP to work with the rest of you day

I really like how you are keeping your attractions close in the same area on Day 1. Also, you have several rides later in the day that you should be able to snag a 4th or 5th FP for (small world, barnstormer, dumbo, mickey’s philharmagic). I agree that the princess meet-and-greet in the morning seems to have a low standby time and I would be tempted to go to the one I didn’t have a FP for first and then use my FP or the other one. However, run that through the system to see if it increases your time or not. I trust touring plans data more than my “hunch”.

For your second day, I would lengthen the mid-day break if you can. By the time you get out of the park and catch transportation back to your resort, you may not have as much of a rest time as you would like. It will still be hot in September (or so I’m told!), so taking more time in the early afternoon at your hotel might help your little ones last longer that evening. The only other thing I question about your Day 2 is the wait time for Splash Mountain. That seems really low to me for standby at that time of day. Again, that is just a hunch on my part but something to consider.