Magic Kingdom & Toddler

Hi there!
We will be at MK on 3/3 for the first time with a 2.5 year old! We are staying at Coronado Springs which is pretty far, so I’m trying to avoid going back there for a midday rest. Are there any recommendations for a stroller nap in MK? Any “quiet” areas that I can walk around to see if I can get her to nap for a little bit? Any other toddler advice?
Thanks in advance!

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The first thing that comes to mind is Tom Sawyer Island rocking chairs?


The Peoplemover is a nice place to ride while letting them nap. Some of the shows like Carousel of Progress and Country Bear Jamboree work for a rest time. COP is usually not very busy and you can possibly stay put for another cycle. But those are not stroller naps, they’d be in your arms.

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I have been slowly but surely working on my list for this. Tom Sawyer Island, side street by uptown jewelers (Market St.), Sunshine Terrace, garden area near Engine Co 71, section between Space Mt and TL restrooms, benches behind Christmas Shoppe (area between Liberty Tree Tavern), bridged area across from Country Bears, side street next to Pirates. Now I’m not sure how these are going to pan out. I used google maps and memory to think of them.


Where is this? town Square?

I know that Tom Sawyer Island and the Riverboat are not places you can take strollers.

Its by the restrooms. I’ve rested there before and didn’t find it particularly busy. Never with a toddler before though. My next trip will be a whole new world! My kids were 5 and 7 before we took them to Disney.

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My kid(almost 2 at the time) fell asleep on all the boat rides!! The swaying did it. It’s a small world for the win! We also got stopped on pirates. Right asleep.

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Oh gotcha! You read my mind - did you see me looking at the googlemaps of the area???

Then I started looking at the roads I ran during marathon LOL oops. SQUIRREL!


HahaA me too! Started looking at the walk through of google maps to find nooks and crannies, then started looking at the restaurants and attractions and other things…

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As long as you let the squirrel be :joy::joy:

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When my kids were toddlers we did stroller naps and when it was time I’d just take them for a long walk anywhere (with the stroller reclined all the way back) while the rest of the crew did something else. My goal was to have them fall asleep in the stroller and then when they were out I’d find a quiet corner to sit in and let them sleep as long as possible. Tried to avoid any transitions on or off rides or sudden loud noises while they slept.

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This. Toddlers sleep on their own schedule, it seems. We’d always head to a store if there was stroller napping. Less chance of a loud character encounter.

Maybe more napping occurred at meals. Things got quiet. Fewer distractions to keep the nap at bay. We’d let them sleep. Figure out food later.

We had one 3 year old that went napless for maybe 5 days before he finally had to nap. There was so much going on he wasn’t much of a pill. That was our first toddler trip.

After that trip we pretty much quit trying to schedule a nap.

I don’t have children, but I thought I read somewhere you can rest at the baby care center? Can anyone confirm / debunk?

Yes, this came to my mind later on in the day as I was unloading the dishwasher. Apparently my mind was still working on it.

Baby Care Center is a good option too, just not as scenic

I’m a big fan of show lobbies and not watching the show. Hall of Presidents would be great - seating for you and air conditioning!


Oooh that’s a great idea!

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I love country bears lobby too but can u bring strollers in there? Can’t recall…

We planned a nap and everything for our 2 yr old yrs ago and we went to get them out of their stroller for a ride and he was passed out. So we just walked around for awhile and canceled the schedule nap. If they get cranky later just keep throwing snacks at them :crazy_face:


My info is secondhand, but I believe they are not meant as a place to nap. You can change diapers, nurse, and feed babies in there.