Magic Kingdom Rope Drop Help


We will be travelling in March 2023 and will spend two days at the Magic Kingdom. I am finding it so difficult to plan our days (yes I know I have lots of time!)…it was just so much easier with Fast Passes when you knew ahead of time what your rides/return times were.

We will purchase Genie + however I would like to avoid ILL if possible to save money.

Therefore, Day 1 - I think we should rope drop 7DMT and I will grab a PeterPan right at 7am (and hope for early return time).

Day 2 - We will rope drop Space Mountain and I will grab Jungle Cruise at the 7am window.

My question is: If we rope drop 7DMT (we are staying on resort and will be there for the early park entry)… is it likely that we would still be able to get to BTMR and Splash Mountain before the waits are too long? Which ride makes more sense to ride first (considering wait times) once we get to Frontierland - BTMR or Splash?

Thanks for your help!


I think it just depends on how busy the parks are that day.

Some weeks in March are more Spring Break than others but I’m not sure which ones.

For MK, we rope dropped 7DMT and got the Peter Pan Genie+ at 7 am for 9 am.
At 9 am (after tapping in) I then got BTMRR for 12:30. This is what I had planned.
We rode Small World (walk on) right after Peter Pan.

Then we waited in line for Splash for 20 minutes. It wasn’t really waiting but walking through miles and miles of the line area. We didn’t ever really pause. It was just a long distance.

Then we walked to Adventureland and got Dole Whips and saw the Tiki Birds.

This was in May so I’m thinking there were two parades that day so we watched the parade then it was time for our Genie+ window for BTMRR.

Hope this makes sense!

We only did one MK day so I got a late Genie+ for Jungle Cruise cause I like riding it in the dark after the fireworks. At some point I got Space for around 7 pm. Again, my brain is foggy with times after noon – I’ll blame it on the heat.


By March 2023, I would expect you have to worry about a getting Tron in there, too, via boarding group or ILL.We also don’t know if the temporary move of Space to G+ will be permanent. If Disney decides to stick with the one-ILL-per-park model that it’s been running this summer, Tron may be the only ILL in MK by March. In that scenario, you’re definitely going to be looking at 7DMT as one of your 7am grabs. That’s all to say that there are a lot of moving pieces between now and March that will significantly affect your touring.

As to your specific question, you can do early entry in Fantasyland and come down to Frontierland with waits that aren’t too bad, assuming you’re off of 7DMT in a reasonable time frame.

It’s better to do BTMRR first, as the ride itself is shorter, and then Splash. If you go Splash first, you’ve given BTMRR 15ish more minutes for lines to build. Also, from Splash you’re closer to then be heading to your next choice, whatever that may be. (Pirates? Haunted Mansion?)


Excellent point, about Tron.

And now another burning question from me–do you actually have triplets?

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Indeed! I have triplet girls, so I’m also a mother of daughters three. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am often called “the one with the triplets” when being introduced to friends of friends, parents of the girls’ classmates, etc, so it felt right for a message board name.


Love it!!! My FIL used to tease me about having triplets with our first girl. And then we had two more girls…just not at the same time!

I’m sure they are adorable!!


Yes! You are right… I am hoping we will have to work Tron in there! Would be amazing if it was open by then! You’re right… I am sure a lot will change. Thank you for the info though…I appreciate it!

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Thank you for sharing how your day went!! I would be so happy if we were lucky enough to get an first genie + the early. It would definitely allow for more throughout the day!

On our last trip we have FastPasses for Peter Pan at 9:15, BTMR at 10:15 and Splash at 11:15. It worked great. We rope dropped 7DMT, did the little mermaid and then Pirates which were both walk on and then headed to frontierland! Oh how I wish there were still Fast Passes to make planning easier!

I’m a planner as well. I really wish we could do these in advance if we wanted to.