Magic Kingdom resorts tour at Christmas time

I’m going to Magic Kingdom during regular hours on a Christmas party day—no party ticket so I’ll be exiting the park around 6:00. I’m thinking of touring the monorail resorts that evening to see the holiday decor.

Are all 3 resorts worth checking out for the Christmas spectacle?

I’ve never been to the Poly, and was at the Grand Flo only once (for dinner a long time ago) so I’ve wanted to see those resorts regardless of the season.

I stayed at the Contemporary for a week (on that same long-ago trip) and would only make a special stop this time if it’s worth it for the Xmas dressing. Is it?

Any suggestions for what order to go in? Should I monorail all the connections?

I’ll probably have a cocktail or two, and an appetizer somewhere and a dessert somewhere else. I won’t be making ADRs because I don’t want to be tied to a schedule. I don’t mind eating in a lounge or at a bar. Food/drink recommendations?? (I know you have them!)*

Thanks for your two cents!

*Please don’t suggest Narcoossee’s because it’s closed until next year. :cry:


WL is a must do at Christmas. I know it’s not on the monorail loop but you can grab a boat from the MK


What route would you take to do Poly, Grand Flo and Wilderness (starting from MK)? Maybe I’ll skip the Contemporary.

CR is a bust so far as Christmas is concerned. Pass through on your way to the boat dock to WL.


I think GF is the only monorail resort “worth” visiting. When you combine them, I prefer the EP area resorts.

I agree, WL should not be missed.


I’m not interested in going to the Epcot resorts this time because I just stayed in that area last spring. I want to see something different.

I love the poly Christmas tree… don’t know why. CR doesn’t do a lot for Christmas but the WL’s tree alone is worth the trip there.

Btw, AKL’s Xmas tree is darn amazing too.


GF is magnificent at Christmas.


I’ll be having dinner at Jiko on a different night, so I’ll check it out!


Changed the thread title to reflect the fact that I’m now considering WL in lieu of CR.


Definitely skip CR and go to WL instead. I’d probably boat or bus to WL first and try to get a bite at Geyser Point which is fully outdoors and may be cold later at night. Then head inside the DVC building and main building to check out all the decor which is sooo beautiful. Then I’d hop the bus back to MK and monorail to Poly for a walk around. It’s beautiful all the time, but I love all the holiday touches too. Lastly I’d end at GF which can be a crazy madhouse earlier in the evening. You can get a drink at Enchanted Rose or even the Citricos bar with an appetizer or dessert there.


There is no considering. There is only do.

Last time I was there at Christmas, this happened:

It was fricken magical. You’re going. End of discussion.


That’s so cool. Where in WL is this?

On the monorail, GF is the best, like everyone said. We’ve done the Christmas decorations tour twice in recent years. WL is our family’s favorite! From MK, you would take the boat there. Poly and CR doesn’t do much.

I know you’ve been to the Boardwalk but have you seen them at Christmas?:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

We toured all the deluxe resorts for decorations last December, including Ft Wilderness. I wished we could have seen Ft Wilderness at night.

I wrote about it here, starting with comment 63: gf

You can get some info here: gf

We followed it in 2019. I wrote about it here, in comment 24: DH. The Boardwalk resorts are just above that. WL is further up.

Enjoy the feast for the eyes.

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Main lobby

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Epcot resorts:



Yacht Club:

BW and WL did not do the gingerbread displays last year but WL did do that amazing tree. The BC display is gingerbread and the YC train is just plain magical.

I do have photos of past MK and WL photos on you want to compare the monorail resorts.


Gorgeous pics!

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Poly Christmas decor was meh. Totally skippable. We spent over an hour at GF. They had a huge chorus singing Christmas carols and then the band played. Amazing. Contemporary gingerbread house was cool but didn’t spend much time there.

Wilderness Lodge was my second favorite behind GF. If you don’t got to WL you are missing out. Christmas decorations there are absolutely beautiful. Way better than Poly and CR.

The gingerbread carousel at Beach Club was so cool as was the gingerbread display at Boardwalk. It was well worth a trip over there to see the Christmas decor.


YES! Totally agree.


Maybe I’ll skip Poly and just do WL and GF for this trip.