Magic Kingdom Plan - feedback

Again, I know I have too much in here, fast passes will reduce time and we will just head when we have had enough. Its a party day so will finish at 6 ish regardless.

Welcome people’s thoughts!

What FPP are you going to try for? I would rope drop PP then head to WTP if you need the FPP for something other than PPP.

Was going to go for PP, 7DMT and meet mickey for FP

Personally I wouldn’t hold onto the 3rd FPP for that late in the day, I like to keep getting more. I know you don’t want to back track to Mickey but could you work it in somewhere else so you could potentially get more FP for other things later?

Maybe go ahead and put your FPP in so that you get a better estimate of the actual time waiting. Are you bringing in your own lunch, I don’t see much down time for rest, lunch, recharge. There may be room in the am to move some things up like Dumbo, Barnstormer, etc in place of the Philharmagic, and IASW. Any indoor ride I am trying to wait until it’s hot outside to use as a AC break and ride the outdoor rides when not so hot. Just suggestions, obviously. :slight_smile: I am still trying to work on my MK plan of attack for 2 party days as well.

I agree about having your last FPP be so late, since it precludes getting same-day. Although, you are going during a time period when same-day FPPs might not be really terribly helpful anyhow since crowds are fairly light.

My bigger concern is that you are simply “squeezing in” food, rather than planning for a time to actually stop, sit down, and eat. Doesn’t have to be an ADR. Counter Service is fine. But take a moment to rest. Your day is otherwise jam-packed and you’ll wear yourselves out.

And it will be very hot that day. We will be there the next Sunday and was hoping for EMM, but that isn’t looking like it will happen.

I tried the squeezing in of food last April, yeah that didn’t work out too well. We headed into Pecos Bills and grabbed some lunch and a break from the heat and were fully recharged and ready to go after about 45 minutes. It was fabulous!

Precisely. When you are hot and tired, stopping to get lunch (or whatever) can be better than a ride on Space Mountain or whatever. But not leaving space for it in the plan will cause you to try to push through, making you more stressed and not enjoy whatever it is you wanted to do.

My suggestion would be to put a 30-minute lunch (Pinocchio Haus, perhaps) in immediately after IASW, and push back the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire to the later time. You have a few meets in there. Drop one or two instead and shuffle things around accordingly.

Another suggestion is to set your walking speed to relaxed, that way it will account for bathroom breaks for little ones or just breaks in general. (You may already have it set like this, but I couldn’t tell) Like stopping to smell the roses or watching the Disney ducks, lol. We didn’t do that last time due to only having 3 days there and I really want to try to do that this next trip.

Thanks all. Knew I had over done it. I’ll male some amends tonight and see where I am at

this is my re work… Pace is very relaxed. Got breaks and fast passes in and moved mickey up…

I think I either need to drop a couple more rides or just see how we go on the day and skip as we feel like it as it’s still pretty full on

That looks better in my opinion, I like to see some free time. Lol.
Also frees up some afternoon Dumbo/Barnstormer FPP that you can grab and modify if nescessary.

Here is hoping I get the FP I want at the time I want now! Will leave this one like this for now, until the next crowd update!

Here is my updated and re worked plans

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3 is very much subject to change, will adapt as we go in terms of what we haven’t done in previous days, what we want to do again etc. Aware there is no breaks or snacks in this one…

Welcome any more suggestions…

Just a small point that I always consider. When using your fastpass for Peter Pan I think you miss the best part of the ride which is the interactive queue! Just a thought. Have fun!!