Magic Kingdom Plan feedback, please?

Hi all, We haven’t been to WDW since 2013, and didn’t know about FastPass then. I’d love any feedback folks could offer. I’m including a link to the touring plans version with times and also my list with commentary.
We are at Club Med for 4 nights prior to WDW, so that’s our relaxation time. We only have 3 park days (4 nights) at WDW, so each one is packed! I scheduled less important things for the afternoon so we can take breaks if we need to, but I am still nervous. We have a 2 year old and a 6 year old. The 2 year old often takes 3 hour naps starting around 1 or 2pm and strongly prefers a crib to a stroller. The 6 year old will fall asleep in the stroller but will insist she doesn’t need a nap if we go back to the hotel. We did buy a double stroller off of facebook marketplace.
I set our Touring Plans to be “very relaxed” to give us a little extra time.

We have 3-4 fast passes right now:
7DMT (2 ppl), Peter Pan (3ppl), Enchanted Tales with Belle (3ppl), and Splash Mountain (1 person). On Touring plans, I put Jungle Cruise as a FP just so we would get there at a certain time, but ai added a break to account for the standby wait time.

Magic Kingdom day plan is:

RD 8am EMH

  1. Tomorrowland Speedway
  2. Astro Orbiter
  3. Barnstormer
  4. Dumbo (6 year old wants to play in the playground there. That’s all she remembers from our prior trip. This doesn’t give much playtime but I don’t know how else to do it. I figured we could go on the ride first if there’s not a line, and then always come back to just play in the playground.)
  5. Meet friends at Jungle Cruise 9:30am. We are traveling with a large group of LGBT families but aren’t planning on touring with them during the day except for this one ride.
  6. 7DMT (9:30-10:30 Fastpass for 2 ppl + Rider Switch so my wife can ride it after).
  7. Winnie the Pooh. The plan is to have one parent take the the toddler on Winnie the Pooh while the other parent and child are riding 7DMT, and then switch so the toddler rides Winnie the Pooh 2x and everybody who can gets to ride 7DMT.
  8. Peter Pan (10:35-11:35 Fastpass for 3 ppl)
  9. It’s a Small World
  10. Carousel
  11. Enchanted Tales with Belle (11:40-12:40 Fastpass for 3 ppl)
  12. 12:35pm reservation at Be Our Guest
  13. Splash Mtn (1:30pm FP for 1 person + rider switch so 6 year old and I can ride it after).
  14. Festival of Fantasy parade (maybe–or just take a break outside the park. From where should we watch it if we’ve just been at Splash Mountain?).
  15. Tom Sawyer Island (maybe–I assume little kid will be napping in stroller at this point. Can we take the stroller on the raft to Tom Sawyer Island?).
    Everything after that depends on how kids are doing and if we took a nap break outside the park before dinner. We have a 1900 Park Faire reservation at 5:40pm.

We might come back to the park after dinner or might not, depending on kids’ and parents’ exhaustion levels. We do have an 8AM Ackershus breakfast the next day.

Rides I’d love to get to either before or after dinner, if we end up having time or if we luck into same day fast passes after our first 3:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Big Thunder Mountain with rider swap
Haunted Mansion (maybe, am worried it will be too scary for kids)
Magic Carpets

Is there anything you would add or change? When we visited in 2013, we found out that we really didn’t enjoy Mickey’s Philharmagic, Tiki Birds, or Country Bears. We weren’t planning to do any character meets at Magic Kingdom since we have 3 character meals planned (1900 Park Faire, Ackershus, and Tusker House). With planning for a potential nap, our park day is SO short.

Thank you very much, all.

I will let other ones weigh in on if it’s too busy or not.

My only question would be: how are you getting from MK to Park Fare? Two hours seem a little short to me. If everything is perfect, it would take 30minutes to get to dinner, at least one hour to eat and 30minutes to come back. I would probably plan for 3 hours.

If you add in the openings show it will change your times to reflect RD. It might not change things much, but it should a little.

I tried adding in the opening show, but that’s not until 8:55am, when normal park opening is at 9am. So I think we’ll miss the opening show. Too bad.

Thanks! We were planning to take the monorail to the Grand Floridian. I will add in a longer break but I guess it only matters if we are trying to get FPP for after our dinner. We were planning to leave the park by 5 or 5:10 to get to dinner on time.

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Ahh, I missed the EMH part…

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