Magic Kingdom Personalized TP Question

I’m just a bit frustrated that although I have my personalized TP set to minimize walking that it has me going from one side of the park to another more than once. What can I do to keep it from doing that? Does it have something to do with speed being relaxed? Any tips or tricks?

There is a tipping point in the software where it will still reorder based on wait time despite increasing walking. If you are deadset in limiting walking, then I would put things in the order you want & just ‘evaluate’ instead of ‘optimize.’


I always start off with an optimized plan, but then move things one or two at a time to what I’d really like to do. If it affects my timings too much, then I move them back and find another strategy. In this way, you’ll find the rides that must be in certain places to be optimal, but be able to move the little things that might only cause a few minutes difference.

Either make copies or take screenshots as you make changes, though, as there is no undo button.

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I was replying with this at the same time. It’s like a puzzle!!!

I think I have pretty similar advice. I put in what I want to do and optimize, then if it has me walking too much (especially in AK) I moving this around and evaluate.
If the waits go up to much I move things again. Sometimes I have to optimize and try moving things in a different way.
I have an example - where at AK it had me going to Dinosaur mid-morning, when it was not near anything else I was going on. However when I moved it to the end of the plan - the wait went up by 35 minutes - so…, I either need to get a FPP for it, or leave it early to get the very short (5 min) wait.

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Does it take into account that in the evening there will be a massive number of people in the hub and Main Street for the projection show? If I move things around, wouldn’t I mess up that logic? Unless there is a dessert party that particular night (12/26), there is no way on God’s green earth that you will find me anywhere near the hub during the projection/fireworks show (whatever it may be).

I believe crowd level impacts the walking times. I am unsure if walking time is specific to the hub/fireworks.

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Thanks. I think that I’m going to move things around to make sure I’m not going up and down Main Street more than I have to, and see how that goes. I’m not riding that many rides, and we are working with a very relaxed attitude. Moving from side to side seems a bit overkill and DH saw the map and said, that doesn’t look relaxed.

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My huge problem to!