Magic Kingdom on MNSSHP days

Hi, I have a trip planned for September. What’s the general thoughts on going to Magic Kingdom on MNSSHP days? The quietest days for MK for my dates on the current crowd calendar all seem to now have the party on the same day, park to avoid or still head early and get away after lunch?

thanks! (first of many questions I’m sure)

If you have park hopper I would definitely go to the MK on a MNSSHP day and PH in the evening. In my experience crowds are light on party days due to shortened hours.


Crowds are way lighter because anyone without hoppers will not want to be there on a short day and will not want to miss HEA. If you can take an early evening or can hop (make sure you hop back another night for HEA) then it is a GREAT time to go to MK.

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Hah that makes sense, I wasn’t sure if it attracted people to spend the day there if they had a party ticket for later. We have the UK 14 for 7 tickets so hopping back of an evening for HEA sounds like a good plan

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