Magic Kingdom normal day vs EMH

Going to Disney in April. Options for Magic Kingdom day are either a Wed (CL 4) 9am-11pm (2 evening EMH) or a Thursday (CL 3) normal 9am-9pm hours.

Was leaning towards Thursday, but when copied my TP from Thursday to Wednesday, I can do exact same plan and total wait time for the day only increases 10 minutes. So I can get 2 extra hours at the cost of only 10 extra minutes of wait time. That seems like a good trade off, but wanted to see if more experienced liners felt that a 10 increase in wait time seemed reasonable?

Seems perfectly reasonable if you are using an optimized plan. CL 3 vs CL4 is no big deal and it could change before April anyway. If you think you will use the 9-11pm time, then go that day no question.