Magic Kingdom Morning Reassurance

I guess I just need reassurance that my TP is correct. I have it set to very relaxed as we are a party of 8 with 4 kids; 8 thru 2. The TP says we can do the following:

8:20 Jungle Cruise
8:36 Pirates
8:57 Splash Mountain
9:49 Cinderella FP
10:08 Rapunzel FP
11:00 PhilharMagic FP

The only have to dos are the princesses. The 2 and 4 year old and I will not do Splash Mountain. We will be leaving the park for 4 hours after we do these rides. Thank you for your thoughts.


I guess it depends on when you go, and if Jungle Cruise is open at 8am. On my trip only fantasy land is open for EMH. But if it is open (I assume it is or TP would have you with like an hour wait) then this looks good. All grouped together nicely.
I guess if it were me, for pictures I would put the meet and greets before getting splashed, but since they are your must do, I understand you wanting the FPP. The other option is to do Splash as your 11 FPP but that has you criss crossing the park, which is hard with a 2yr old.
Plan looks good just things to think about.

Yeah… I didn’t think everything was open during EMH either. Without knowing the dates I’m assuming your TP is correct. Possibly opening more attractions due to SWGE EEMH?
Here’s a link to TP’s list of EMH rides at MK -

This is the part I’m skeptical of. Jungle Cruise and Pirates are pretty long - each about 8 minutes. And it takes a few minutes to load and unload even there is no wait and a boat is in dock as you arrive. Then you have to walk between attractions (not too far, but with kids it will take a few minutes, especially if you have to fetch a stroller). The nice part about your kids not riding Splash is that you can take your time and go on to the next attraction while the rest of your party sprints to Splash.

That said, it’s not unrealistic to ride two rides in an hour during the first hour the park is open. But lots of things could go wrong.

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We will be going on Sept 26th with EMH from 7:00 - 8:00. Didn’t even think about the pictures with the princeses :frowning: I will put this note in the plan so everyone is aware if they opt to do Splash Mountain.

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Now thinking that the 6 and 8 year olds with Mom and Dad could do Splash Mountain and the 2 and 4 year olds with Grandma and Grandpa could do Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Thank you for getting me to think outside the box.


Also, you do not need a FPP for Mickey’s Philharmagic. You should consider using that 3rd FPP to try to get something else, maybe Peter Pan? Or Pooh? Meet Mickey and Minnie?


Thank you for the suggestions but we will be doing Dumbo the day prior at RD. I hope to do Peter Pan then too (9:33) but getting a FP in the morning isn’t looking good. I can only book at 30 days out and I have been checking on MDE and so far all the morning FPs for Peter Pan have been taken. I do see some availability in the afternoon but then I will need to rearrange everything. Hopefully there will be more availability at the end of September.

There really is no reason ever to get FP for Philharmagic. If you could use it for Splash or something else later in the day, it would be much more productive. It would also give you a little more freedom in your FP timing as right now your 3 FP attractions are scheduled within a window of 1:11.


Agreed that you don’t need a FP for Philharmagic at all.

Is it a regular 8am open day?

Definitely do Peter Pan at Rope Drop and then Dumbo! Dumbo has two rides now, so waits are small for a while after rope drop. Peter Pan ramps up in wait time pretty quickly. (I just checked the lines app and Dumbo has a 5 minute wait while peter pan has a 33 minute wait…at 9:24am)

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Do your princess admirers like Belle? If so maybe Storybook tales with Belle? They get to go in the cottage, the castle, and re-enact the story with Belle, and get to meet her, a photo with her, and a gift. Its adorable. The line can get long but that might be good for the 3rd FPP instead of Peter Pan since that sounds tough to get.


Agreed, but if you can’t get another FPP for a more in-demand attraction in the morning and you’re going to do Philharmagic anyway, might as well keep the FPP and tap in so you can begin getting SD FPP.

I see where you are coming from, but what about this idea. If you didn’t book a third fast pass at all, can you start looking for SD FPP drops as soon as you tap into to your second FPP attraction?

Peter Pan as RD makes more sense. This is my line up for MK Day 1 on Sept 25th:

Winnie the Pooh
Under the Sea FP
Enchanted Tales Belle FP
Small World FP

We will break for prepacked lunch. The afternoon we got our annual passes I saw a place by the restrooms in Fantasyland (I think) that looked like we could eat there. We return to Florida in late August so will double check this. After lunch:

Monster’s Inc
Fantasy Parade

We were going to leave for the day after the parade but I am thinking about maybe not getting a FP for Under the Sea or Small World if not needed and try to get a FP for 7DMT (I know long shot) for the 2 older grandkids and a Mickey Meet and Greet for the 2 younger grandkids. Probably will just leave after the parade :slight_smile:

The system will not let you book FPs that are in the same block of time, but it will not take you a full hour to do each FP. So be careful and plan to do the first at the end of whatever block you pick and the next at the beginning. I agree with all of the others—don’t book Philharmagic. If nothing else, keep it open to look for SDFP.
I would be surprised if Splash isn’t available at 30 days. What does the dibb say?

Yes; the oldest loves Belle. That is a must do.

It looks as if the dibb doesn’t track splash because it has same day availability, but my trip is 31 days out and I just checked splash mountain availability for you. I was searching for 3 people but could pick 9:15, 9:25, 9:35, and on and on for splash mountain. I really think you will be fine and I think using it would save time. I promise if you really want it that a philharmagic fp will still be available later in the day.

Ok, that is much harder to FP same day so plan on getting one for it in advance!

I am sorry but I don’t know about dibb. The last time I was at WDW was in the late 80s other than going to WDW in May to purchase our APs. This is all a little overwhelming :slight_smile: I am confused about your statement of booking FPs during a block of time. I have been going into MDE just to see how “things look”. This is what I hope to get based on August 9th MDE fast pass availability. Will I have a problem with these?

MK Day 1 Sept 25th
Under the Sea 9:00
Belle 9:50
Small World 10:20

MK Day 2 Sept 26th
Cinderella 9:10
Rapunzel 10:20
Splash Mountain Hoping 11:00 but don’t see anything in the AM