Magic Kingdom Lunch - Table Service vs Counter Service

We usually do a counter service lunch at MK; specifically, Cosmic Rays. I find if I leave about 40 minutes in my plan, I do just fine. This trip, we’re considering doing Liberty Tree Tavern instead. How much time should I allot for a table service lunch in my plan? Could we do it in the 40 minutes I’ve planned or do I need more time?

I had looked at Columbia Harbour House for QS, but they’ve changed their menu and got rid of the fish and chips that I think was there last year.

My family really enjoyed lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. I’d set aside an hour for it. You might finish faster, but the timing will vary depending on how busy the day is and how long you end up waiting for your table.

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Lunch at LTT is probably my favorite meal in MK (but I hav not tried Skippers yet). I think 60 min is probably a more realistic time for planning purposes. If it takes less, it will put you ahead on your TP.

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Is an hour enough? It would be from 11:45, which is peak lunchtime.

I think you will be good with an hour.


I guess if it was my plan, I’d probably set aside 11:45-1:00. Like @bswan26 said, if you finish early, you’ll feel like you have bonus time. Honestly, Disney restaurants aren’t really very different than real-world restaurants. Sometimes you fly through a meal, and sometimes things are slow. Making touring plans can give the false impression that everything can be planned down to the minute, but in reality every plan is more of a guideline. You can have a nice lunch, and it will take as long as it takes. Even if things are slow, I’d definitely stay long enough to have dessert! Their Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is awesome. Mmmmm… Now I want to go to there.


Hmm. I am trying to be realistic. Last year, I was able to fit a whole extra ride in my plan by mid-day, so yes, the plans are guidelines, but they’re pretty darn good guidelines, too.

I’d love a sit down dinner that’s not crammed for space in an over-crowded burger service (Cosmic Ray’s), but can I afford the extra time in my plan. I don’t know.

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Yes, you should be able to compete it in an hour, however you must take into consideration that they often times are running behind and the wait for your table can be much longer then expected. This is just from our experience.

We gave ourselves (just my Dad and I) an hour and it was probably 50 mins from door in to door out. We waited about 5-7 minutes to be seated (enough time to use the restroom) and are both pre meal menu studiers so we knew exactly what we would be eating. We only got entrees, no apps or desserts.

We did notice a table near us was taking their sweet time so that is something to consider as far as waiting to be seated. It was warm that day so perhaps they wanted to use as much AC time as possible.

So, definitely leave an hour for the lunch, but hope for less, if I want to get on with my schedule. Really, I don’t know when we’ll be back, so maybe I can convince my family that doing something a little different is worth it.

Can I be a few minutes late/early or do they like you to be on time?

Unless things have changed since the last time I asked, you can check in for an ADR up to 15 minutes early.

Can you be late? Or be sure not to try to squeeze in that last ride. We’re usually early people, but Haunted Mansion is on my list for just before lunch and that can go either way… long or short line.

It depends on how late. If you are late, you might have to wait longer to be seated.

Disney offers a lot of flexibility on ADR times - they won’t turn you away if you show up late. But you may wait longer for a table as a result, which doesn’t seem exactly unfair.

I would budget 75 minutes for a TS lunch. You might get done faster, but better to have the extra time budgeted so you don’t feel rushed - one of the main advantages of a TS lunch is the change to take a mini-break mid-day as well, after all.

I guess it just comes down to priorities; what’s more important to you - a more relaxing sit-down lunch or the possibility of maybe squeezing one more ride into what I am guessing is an already crowded TP. For me, the choice is easy - the lunch will win every time…


@bswan26, I agree on the more relaxing sit-down. We did it for lunch and dinner for most of the days we were there. Made for such a more relaxing vacation at Disney World overall.

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I would like to add a general caution based on what I’m reading between the lines from your posts. Do NOT try to make your TP a minute-by-minute “schedule” that you need to follow; look at it as a recommended touring order with target times so you can see how you are doing. I have never had a TP stay exactly on time, and I have frequently had to drop attractions to keep things “on track”. The fact that you have major concerns over whether a meal will take 60 vice 45 minutes leads me to believe that you’ll be more focused on “what’s next” than on what you’re actually doing. I was that guy once and I stressed a lot. Since I’ve changed my mindset, I enjoy my time at WDW much more.


@bswan26, I agree. the TP is a guide and let it guide you but don’t stress out over it.

I hear what you’re saying. In fact, so far, we’ve done very well with the TP, but that’s true. You have to be willing to move away from it if it’s not going the way you want. Always know your ‘plan B’ - what you’ll give up or move to the end. That said, last year, CL 9 and we were ahead of the TP by an hour. We added in a ride, even. I must have set the walking speed lower than we walked, giving us the extra time.

My 3 FPP are in the afternoon, so they are must-dos, but maybe the stuff around it can be moved.

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