Magic Kingdom - Fri or Sat?

I will be at WDW from Thursday October 5 to Monday October 9. I will be with my wife and 3 boys (ages 3, 6, 8). We are not staying in the park. My question is, should we go to the Magic Kingdom on Friday or Saturday?

Originally I was thinking we should go on Saturday because Friday has the extra magic hour, but since we can’t take advantage of that, we should go to a different park that day (probably Animal Kingdom) since MK will already be crowded by the time we are allowed to enter.

But, according to the touringplans crowd calendar, the crowd level at MK is expected to be 4/10 on Friday, but will jump to 7/10 on Sat.

Is this enough of a difference in crowd level that I should re-think my strategy and just go to MK on Friday? TIA.


Friday has a Halloween party, that’s why it’s less. People avoid it on those days cause they have to leave early, 7. This also means that the day before, and after will have more than normal attendees.

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So even though it opens early for EMH, it will still be less crowded than Saturday? Like, a lot less crowded?

Not being able to be there for the evening fireworks and having to leave by 7 (or earlier as it gets crowded with party goers), is a big reason people stay away from MK on party days. If you really want to see HEA (fireworks and castle projections) from within MK, you have to go on a nonparty day, like Saturday. A good TP will help you do a lot in spite of the higher crowds.

I really took a look at your dates. Thursday, Friday, and Monday all have Halloween party’s, this leaves Saturday and Sunday for everyone that must see a evening show without paying for the party. Saturday normally has more people at Mk, with these Halloween date’s I would avoid Sat, and Sun. Park hopper could be very useful with your days.

After reading Shaun’s response, I think it boils down to how important seeing the fireworks are. If they are, you have to go on Saturday or Sunday. If not, then take advantage of the EMH, and hit the headliners on what will be a very sparsely attended morning.

I think the OP is staying offsite. So the choices are (1) arriving an hour after on-site guests and leaving at 7 (but having a lower CL4 day) or (2) having a longer CL7 day with fireworks.