Magic Kingdom - FP vs Weather

So, I currently have a lunchtime FPP for 7DMT but the forecast is looking pretty thunderstromy for our day (June 17).

Contemplating trading 7DMT for a PPF if I can. We have an 8:15 BOG ADR. So the original plan was to do PPF right after, but maybe ride 7DMT instead in case of rain later in the day?

I’m trying not to do too much planning or tweaking a thing this point (because it’s a slippery slope :)), but wondering if this is a smart decision.


I think both plans have merit. On the one hand, 7DMT fastpasses are worth having and hard to get. If the ride is closed because of really horrid weather, they’ll give you an anytime FP. On the other had, if should work to do it after an early BOG, and doing it then will be more fun than doing it in the rain. Either plan should work!

I guess I would keep 7DMT FP at lunch and also make a Peter Pan FP for 9. Those two are the hardest ones to get. Then, if you manage to ride one or both after breakfast, I’d immediately change one or both to something else. There should be good options left that early, especially if you change it before 9.