Magic Kingdom FP+ Recommendations

What do you recommend for FP+ priorities in the Magic Kingdom for a family with the following makeup : DH37, DM34, DS4, DD2, DS6months? The trip is scheduled for December 7th to December 12th, 2014.

Peter Pan, Dumbo, Enchanted Tales with Belle

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I agree with @Distefano’s choices above. Those are all kid friendly and in the same area.

Assuming Multiple Days in MK

A&E Meet, PP, ETWB, Dumbo, UTS in that priority order for the entire family to ride with little ones. You may want to consider Winnie the Pooh as well.

Also if you enjoy the thrll rides get one Splash, BTMRR, 7DMT and Space Mountain FP for one of the adults and use rider swap so both parents ride alone if DS4 isn’t big enough. If he is (and likely is for 7DMT) than he can ride with the second rider. Also, the parent with the kids won’t have to wait forever while the other parent rides.

This might help.