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Short Question: Does anyone know if all 3 of the Happily Every After Firework Desert Parties include alcohol?

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We have 3 families (10 total people including 4 kids under 6) going on their first ever trip to Disneyworld. Our only opportunity to see the Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom is on a day with a crowd estimate of 10/10. We aren’t big crowd people and are considering purchasing one of the Firework Desert Parties. For our date the Seated Terrace Viewing is sold out leaving the Before and After Fireworks Parties. With little kids, we would much prefer the Before Party.

On the Disney website’s description for the After Fireworks Party, it states beginning after Feb 1, 2020 alcohol will be included in the package. However when I look on the Before Party’s description it does not include this statement. My families aren’t big drinkers, but would love to have a beer or some wine to finish our magical day.

Does anyone know if the Before Party will also include alcohol?

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The before party does not include alcohol. It is $10 per person cheaper than the after party.

I called Disney regarding a separate question and also asked about this.

After quite some time and talking to another person, the lady said all 3 parties have exactly the same menu including drinks/alcohol.

Since the menu was changed to include alcohol in early February 2020… does anyone have any actual experience with the garden party serving wine and beer?


Multiple reports on chat- the before party does not include alcohol. The other two do.

Although we cannot link to chat posts, I can link to the original DFB blog post that reports the same phone info you got. Please look at the comments below from the people that did not get alcohol at a February before party:

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Thank you very much!

The reason for the price differences is that one reserves the plaza for you and the other two reserve you an actual table at Tomorrowland Terrace. The desserts and drinks for both the Plaza viewing party and the Tomorrowland Terrace party are at the exact same time in the exact same place so it makes no sense saying that one of these two offers alcohol when the other does not. If one offers alcohol, then so does the other. They either both offer it or both don’t offer it.

I’m also interested to hear from someone who’s actually done the garden view since February. The Disney website lists alcohol at the two inside areas (Before & after) but not for the garden view.
I’m booked for and doing garden view, glass of wine or not, but do find it interesting that it seems to be such an unclear issue.
That a CM said it’s included doesn’t totally convince me, as people make mistakes. But it is promising :wine_glass:

They do not take place in the exact same place. The Terrace is a contained area where you sit and watch the fireworks. Guests leave the before area after eating desserts (opposite side of the Terrace). There is no alcohol so that guests do not try to leave the area with drinks to watch the fireworks.

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I was there last Friday night and we did not get alcohol. I asked for adult beverages and they said there were none. I was at the Plaza Garden viewing desert party. The before one, not the after one.


We did the garden party last September and loved it. There was so much room, my 4 yr old granddaughter made a friend and was able to skip around and play. When the fireworks started, we were not shoved in like sardines, had plenty of room, and a great view! We all agreed it was the best investment we made that week. (MNSSHP was the worst investment that week) My understanding regarding the terrace view is that not all the tables on on the rail, so people stand behind you to see. Also, it is not a straight on view, so some of the peripheral illuminations are hard to see.

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The most recent posts are accurate based on what we experienced on february 4th. The Before Garden Viewing party did not have alcohol as an option. I think it was mainly water, coffee and cider ( I think).
Across the main entrance hall in the terrace view there was alcohol being served - but as mentioned those attendees stay in there for viewing the fireworks.
Happy to answer more questions

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I appreciate your help!

I totally agree. We thought the same thing. Money well spent. A very relaxing evening and would do it again in a hear beat.

They do take place in the exact same place. I’m not talking about the viewing area. I’m talking about where the desserts are. They are in the exact same place. They don’t have two separate dessert bars set up for the different parties.

I have been to both. When I went to the Terrace view the tables that you sit at were set up along the railing, as you walk in towards the right and a few rows back. The dessert area has always been on the left in that same enclosed area (the ramp next to Monsters Inc, entrance on the right). If you walked all the way up the ramp, you would see the set up for the before/after party. One dessert area for two parties, one separate one for the Terrace party.

@nicholas.rossetti seems to be saying this was his experience as well?

There is a great blog post about the dessert parties: