Magic kingdom extras

Hey everyone thanks for all the extras and tips on magic kingdom. Here is the list i put together for my notes. Please keep in mind i have not actually tried/done these tips so i can not confirm them they are tips/extras others have provided or i read about somewhere. We plan on trying them on our upcoming trip. Also they are not in any certain order.

  • inside chapeau (hat shop) there’s an old fashioned telephone hanging on the wall. Pick it up and listen in on a party line call.

  • get pixie dusted inside castle couture or harmony barber shop.

  • if you get galactic hero on buzz lightyear ride ask for certificate and/or button

  • catch the kiss goodnight on the castle. It usually takes place 30-40 minutes after park closing

  • photo booth inside space mountain gift shop uses memory maker

  • take a picture with purple wall located between tomorrowland terrace and monsters inc laugh floor

  • sign blue fairies wish book inside pinocchios village haus. If you decide to eat here you can loom down and see into it’s a small world loading dock

  • sunshine tree terrace has dole whip

  • if main street is busy (parade time) it is easier to cut through stores instead of street

  • pick up sorcerers of the magic kingdom cards at fire station

  • at tiki room ask if your child can wake up the birds

  • in jungle cruise queue wiggle your finger in front of big hairy spider

  • look for hidden pascals around the area near “tangled” bathrooms.

  • bring jewels to “grab” on 7 dwarfs mine train

  • ride Cinderellas horse on the carousel. It has a golden bow on its tail.

  • you can do a memory maker photo shoot with out bbb package

  • follow hoof prints from rapunzels tower and see where they lead

  • voice of tony the tiger is a singing head in graveyard scene at the end of haunted mansion

  • check out wishing well by castle

    • currently blocked by crane
  • a rifle in the window in liberty square area is to signify the occupant is ready for war

  • Cinderella castle is as tall as the faa would allow with out a warning light for aircraft

  • look for mr toad gravestone in haunted mansion pet cemetery.

  • at the end of jungle cruise ask the skipper for a map

  • the tangled tower restrooms are lit by lanterns at night

  • sword in the stone located behind carousel. Sword does sometimes come out of the stone

  • bring red jewel to “catch” during ariel scene of mickeys philharmagic

  • fairy godmother sometimes meets near left side of castle near crowning Cinderella fountain

  • outside tonys town square find bench with goofy statue. Sit next to him and he may whisper something to you

  • at entrance above park first railway stop on platform are a few old time penny arcade silent movies that work as well as an antique music box (25 cents) bring change to play

  • from Main Street if you go through tomorrowland terrace restaurant you end up in tomorrowland

  • sitting area at tangles restrooms has small tree stumps with hidden electrical outlets

  • they add fog to jungle cruise at night to make it more spooky

  • meet ariel in her grotto. This is the only place to meet her in mermaid form

  • liberty square if you start at haunted mansion (which is fashioned after typical east coast house along the hudson river in early 1700s) making your way left from here check numbers on each house. If you add 18 to the beginning of the number you can see what year that house represents

  • hall of presidents has 1 of only 3 official presidential seals.

  • on buzz lightyear ride continually hold down trigger so gun will continuously fire
    Hints for top score

  1. First room with big red robot. His left hand gives 100,000 points
  2. Second room volcano target 50,000 points
  3. Room with zurg before you get too close shoot target on bottom of spaceship. 100,000 points.
  4. Keep shooting even when there are no targets
  • you have to take an elevator to get on astro orbiter

  • on storybook circus area first yellow tent area has place to sit and unwind and electrical outlets as well as a few cute objects (crystal ball, fun house mirrors)

  • a pirates adventure treasure of 7 seas game more fun at night. Also if you complete at least 3 missions you get fast pass for pirates of the caribbean

  • look for madame leottas ring on the ground in the haunted mansion queue

  • windows in main street buildings have names od vips and imaginers

  • in winnie the pooh queue there is a tribute to 20k under the sea on the tree

  • columbia harbour house has artifacts from master graceys fishing trips

  • if photographer is around haunted mansion ask them to take magic shots with hitch hiking ghost or ghost hearse driver.

  • after dumbo ride near exit there is a dumbo car for photo op

  • crowning Cinderella fountain located at the back side of the castle facing fantasyland. Stand back several steps and keep your eyes focused on Cinderella as you give her a deep bow. A crown hidden in the mural behind her will seem to drop on her head.

  • when you exit buzz lightyear ride there is a zurg photo op

  • under people mover near launching pad there is a phone in a booth called metrophone. Pick it up and hear a conversation from tomorrowland

  • on astro orbiter the lower the rocket the faster you go

  • dumbo interactive queue. Cast member gives you a pager that goes off when it’s your turn. In the queue try to find the fireworks and pull the string. Open any crates you see

  • check out playground near splash mountain

  • see spooks if you look at upstairs window of haunted mansion

  • tom sawyer island has a Mississippi zip code

  • find mr toad in the picture in owls house in winnie the pooh ride

  • after riding tomorrowland speedway ask for drivers license

  • take autograph boom to tonys town square and ask them to take it out back and get lady and tramps signature

  • if your child is the first in the christmas store they may get picked to decorate the tree and receive a small ornament as a thanks

  • after riding dumbo ask for pilots license

  • when dining at Cinderellas royal table look up in the rafters where you take a picture with Cinderella and you’ll find gus and friends

  • in haunted mansion queue put your finger in one of the barnacles on coffin for a surprise

  • when riding railroad ask if yourchild can be assistant conductor. They will get to say “all aboard” and ride in the last car and receive an honorary conductors card

That’s all i have. Please feel free to add more and thanks again to everyone that gave the extras/tips so far. I greatly appreciate them.


Wow! Great list!:+1:

Thank you

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe? At park opening?

I had NO IDEA this one was a thing! My daughter LOVES Lady & the Tramp! Do they take it back and stamp w/ paw prints or something? We are not eating there this trip, can I walk in and hand it to someone at the host stand?

When is the best time to ask about this - right when you go in or is there a specific time? We have never in five trips done ETR and plan to this year!

Does it matter which station you get on the train?

You can just take the autograph book to tonys and they will take it back for you from what i hear. These are not things i can confirm just things i have heard or others sent me. We plan on trying them on our upcoming trip so for your other questions i can not really answer. I believe the christmas shop you mentioned is the correct one. Not sure on tiki room time or if the train station matters. Sorry i couldn’t be more helpful.

No worries, thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions!! When is your trip? I’d love to hear which of these you tried afterwards! We go Nov. 27.

We’ll be there in one week and it’s wheels up we’re disney bound. I’ll try to do a trip report and include what we do but it will take a little time. I work full time and chase around our one year old all the time too so I’m pretty busy. I’ll keep you posted. I also made lists for the other parks if you’re interested you can search for them on the forum. Again they are ones i can not confirm but plan on trying.

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Awesome! Thanks again for the tips! :slight_smile:

What does “bring jewels to “grab” on 7 dwarfs mine train” mean? Pretend to grab some jewels along the way?

I think so! I was wondering too though. Sounds like a cute idea. :slight_smile:

Haven’t done it myself yet but from what i have heard you pick up some cheap fake gems/jewels from a craft store and take them with you. You hide them in your pocket and tell your child to try and grab some gems while riding and then you pull yours out of your pocket with out child seeing and say you grabbed them.

I found bag of fake gems and nuggets on Amazon that might serve for both the Philharmagic trick and the Seven Dwarves trick (Acrylic Pirate Treasure) but I have a sneaking suspicion that if I tell my kids I grabbed some jewels in the mine, they’d give me grief for “stealing” them.

Our little guy is only one so we probably will not be trying this trick this trip. At least you have honest kids worried about you stealing. Maybe say they fell into your lap or say your going to return them. Just some ideas.



Love this!!! Thank you!!!

We have done this. We didnt eat there. We gave them the autograph book and they took it and it returned with paw prints.