Magic Kingdom Extra Morning Magic help

This request is for the paid event at MK. We are ticketed for July 21 for this event, there are 12 of us staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Is there any reason to get to the security line much earlier than say 7:30 am. Will Disney bus transportation be dependable enough to get us to the event at a decent time or should I get Ubers? And will we be let in early enough to take Castle Family pictures without eating into our time at Fantasyland? And has anyone had a recent experience with the event they can share any hints?

The buses will get you there no problem - they generally start running around 6.30am and the 7am bus from POFQ got us to MK around 7.20, after stopping at POR on the way. You can check the next bus time on MDE (once you arrive).

They won’t let you in till 7.45 exactly.


They won’t let you in until 7:45, but by that point there will be a decent crowd there, waiting for admission. If you arrive at security at 7:30 you are likely to be towards the back of the pack. I prefer to be towards the front so that I can get some emptier castle pics. But the trade-off for that is a bunch of waiting around to be let in. With a group of 12 it would be difficult to stay together and stay towards the front of the group if you do decide to be a little earlier. I would certainly not fault you for arriving at 7:30.


I had read as well that you aren’t let in until 7:45am and then get to walk through the park to Fantasyland. It’s a little frustrating if I am paying $3 a minute per person , I want to be in Fantasyland at 7:45am.

I agree 100%. At least take us to the hub before 7:45, right??

Contrast this with the HS EMM we did a few months ago… it was a 7:30 event, but they let us into the park at 7. Breakfast was already being served. At 7:20 we were walked back to TSL, and we were on SDD before 7:30. So. Much. Better.