Magic Kingdom evening parade

Apologize if this is a repeat…anyone know what time the evening parade at MK starts in early March? Not sure if it’s the same time (?9 pm) regardless of time of year. Trying to coordinate dinner res with parade watching. Thanks

Did you check your dates on the TP crowd tracker? I usually check that and there are expected times listed.

Thanks. I didn’t realize crowd calendar was so thorough. Looks like 9 pm.

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We watched the Electrical Parade at 7 when we were there last Feb/March. I believe there may have been a 9pm parade as well - but we headed out right at the end of the 8pm Wishes show.

A late answer, but it is good for general reference. The best place to check for this is the Travel Agents calendar, as it is usually the first one that WDW updates. Is March’s calendar, but you can find it for any month by Googling “disney world operating calendar (month)”.

Thanks. That’s helpful