Magic Kingdom - Early Theme Park Entry Strategy

Good afternoon everyone, we are heading to Disney this April and I wanted to get the group’s thoughts on strategy for early entry into Magic Kingdom. The days we are going are currently showing as a “6” and “5” as crowd levels and it is the week after Easter. We are not the Rockefeller family by any means but we get to Disney only every few years so we will likely bite the bullet and just pay for lightning lane access to 7DMT and Space Mountain (also purchasing Genie+). My question is twofold, if I am up right at 7:00 AM to purchase lightning lane for 7DMT and Space Mountain will I have any porblems gettign through and reserving a time for what may be a moderately busy/busy day? Second, my thought is that if I can get both of those passes rather than having to wait for a ride with a long line like 7DMT or Peter Pan (kids arent really into it so we will probably skip) does it make sense to try to knock out the other open rides even though they may have shorter lines throughout the day?

If not mistaken I would book your genie + first at 0700 for JC or something that gets booked further out faster, then book 7dmt, then space. Or if you have 2 phones do genie+ and ILL at the same time! I often see space have availability well into the afternoon. Not 100% sure about 7dmt. If you get a genie plus to use before 11 you can book after you tap in and be ahead of the 2 hour after park opening rule crowd. Wake up at 0700 and check out the availability and how fast the ILL for 7dmt book on the tip board. Also I would expect the crowds to be higher than 5 or 6 based off what has been happening the past 2 months. That way if they are lower, it’s a win!

You shouldn’t have any issue buying ILL at 7am and get a reasonably early return time, you can do this even during peak times. I’m assuming you are staying on site since you mentioned the 7am time?

Are you planning on rope dropping MK? If so, and assuming you are using early entry, it might make sense to hit 7DMT first. If you can be at the gates about 30 minutes before opening, you should be looking at a pretty short queue. I went on CL10 day and even though I was late for RD (being there at 7:10 at a 7am ee opening), the queue to 7DMT was about 25 minutes even though they were posting 60-70 minutes to divert people.

Space Mountain ILL can usually be booked a bit later while still getting an early-ish return time.

I think the top rides to use G+ on would be the most popular ones starting with your top priority. If you intend on doing Jungle Cruise, that might be the one to book first.