Magic Kingdom during the day and Boo Bash that night- when/where to eat dinner?

Hi! I’ve been reading these boards for years and, like many of you, am now planning my third cancelled and rescheduled trip. We will be at Magic Kingdom during the day on October 12th and going to the Boo Bash party that night. My plan was to start later in the day…maybe 3:00ish and stay until midnight. Someone mentioned that it would be smart to eat a heavy dinner around 7:00 as the park would be most crowded with day guests leaving and party guests arriving at that time. Does this make sense to you? Would it be a smart idea? I was thinking of booking Be Our Guest or Skippers Canteen? Any recommendations? We are a family of five with our children being 18, 14, and 12. Does this plan sound good? Any and all advice for this day is welcome.

Go to whispering canyon cafe

I’m always a fan of Skippers Canteen. It sounds like a smart time to eat with the crowds.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m eating at CG at 7:15 and will watch the fireworks from there and then go into MK.

My MK and boo bash day I have skippers canteen at 4:45. I originally had 6:30 but I was nervous I would be rushing for fireworks. I probably should have kept it for then though. I think I will try to modify it a little later. Because I don’t think I’m going to try to get a spot in front of the castle that night. I’m going to watch it from the back probably.

I would do a TS for a late lunch or really early dinner as opposed to 7pm. The day guests will start leaving and you can hop on anything that will be closed during Boo Bash, then you can be ready to hit what is open as soon as it starts!

We ate at Be Our Guest when we did DAH in MK. I just went back and checked (I have a color coded table from most of our trips from the last 10 years or so. I am a geek!) …5:25pm ADR and DAH started at 9pm.

I would stay in the park and do Skipper’s Canteen, BOG or LTT.

For our Boo Bash day, I have LTT booked for 5:45 (if we are in MK all day) and Grand Floridian Cafe at 5:05 (if we don’t do a park day that day). My teens all LOVE LTT so that would be my recommendation in the park.