Magic Kingdom during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween?

We are going to Disney Oct 2-9. We have a 6-day pass. There are 10 of us (5 kid), first time for the kids and we are trying to decide which parks to do on which days.

On Oct 2 (Sunday), there is the Mickey’s Halloween event (that we are NOT going to), so the park closes at 7pm. But, the day is listed as a 4 (overall) and a 5 (at the park), so I’m tempted, even though we’d have to leave at 7, to go to MK on that day because the crowds are predicted to be low.

Then, we’d go again on Wednesday, which is not a Halloween event day, so it’s open from 8-11. (the other day it’s open from 8-11 is Monday, but the predicted crowd level is 9! Yuck).

Thoughts on this??? Thanks!

If you do go on a party day remember they let party ticket holders in at 4pm . It can start to get crazy “crowd wise” the last 3 hrs. Also look up predicted crowd levels for the party date it could be a “softer” night. Could make the early evening more manageable.

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I think going to MK on a party night makes perfect sense for the reason you cited. I would get there at rope drop because I would expect it to be less crowded. I also think that @tppadawan offers good advice. Lots of people start coming into the park starting at 4 and the park is super crowded by 5 or 6. Also, MK tends to be more crowded on non-party days because people avoid going there on party days.

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Based on a past experience, if I ever decided to go to MK on a party day again, I would pre-plan leaving not later than 5:00. I normally have no issue with crowds whatsoever, but when I tried to leave at 6:00, and it took me 45 minutes to get from AL to the exit, and then an hour to get onto the boat to get me away from the MK, I was just about at the “breakdown” point. The single worst experience I’ve had in close to 100 days spent at various Disney parks.

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Good advice here. The reason for the higher crowds at non party days is to be able to see the parades and fireworks which you cannot do on party nights. Also with MSEP nearing the end of its cycle in the mk more people will pack the streets just to see it a final time.