Magic kingdom difference between 6 and 7 in crowd calendar

This is my families first visit to Disney and I’m trying to make the most of our time.

I’m trying to decide if there is a big difference between going MK on a 05/14 (7) and going 05/15 (6) and switching our HWS reservations.

We have Crystal Buffet res for 05/14 and can easily switch those to 05/15. We would just lose our Sci-Fi res from 05/15 if we switched since none would be avail 05/14 but could do either Fantasmic dinner package since Hollywood and Vine and Mama Melrose are both available and Ive read good things?

Do I switch cause a 6 crowd is much better then a 7? and which restaurant in HWS is better?

Congrats on your first trip!!! You guys are going to have an absolute blast!

I personally wouldn’t change park days based on a one point difference in the crowd calendar. The crowd calendar is regularly off by a point one way or the other, so it may not end up being those exact levels anyway. Regardless though, with a good touring plan I don’t think you will notice a difference in crowd levels that similar. I’d keep your ADRs and save the hassle of changing. Have fun!

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6 vs 7 is not worth rearranging all your plans in my opinion.

Have your touring plans ready and enjoy what you have scheduled.

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I agree that with a good touring plan, crowd levels really don’t matter when it comes to rides or meet & greets. We found that they mostly affected navigating around the parks or easily getting a table at quick services, and that can be mitigated by eating earlier or later than the norm. I’d base your plans around where you want to eat & make ADRs, but even then, if you use reservation finder, you can often find restaurants you want for the date you want, especially as you get closer to your travel dates.