Magic Kingdom Afternoon Parade

When we went to Disney World last summer, we watched the parade in front of Starbucks on Main Street (I think that was the street name). We were able to stand behind the people who were sitting on the curb. What time is the parade, is it 3 or 330. Seems like I am seeing two different possible times, one at 3 and one at 330. If you do get a fast pass for the parade, where do you go? Or are there fast passes? I thought I saw this as a fast pass option. We are taking my mother in law with us on this trip, and she has never been to Disney, so we want to make sure she can see everything clearly. Thanks again!

The parade times can vary by day but it’s usually at 3. You can verify the time on your date here:

There is a FP for it and it is located by the flag pole in Town Center. Just be aware it’s on a cemented area with zero shade and if you are going in summer it is very very hot.

You might consider a raised, shaded area near Liberty Tree Tavern. I know it gets crowded there early, but at least you have a chance for a better view, and relief from some of the sun,

Thanks for the suggestions and advice.

Another reason you may see time confusion is the difference between when the parade starts and when it gets to Main Street. The Parade starts at 3pm, but it (typically) starts up in Frontierland. So, those that are sitting on Main Street won’t see the start of the parade until it gets there. The parade doesn’t travel fast, so it does take some time to get there. Another reason to watch in Frontierland if you are trying to keep time spent to a minimum. Usually less time waiting for seats as it doesn’t fill up as fast as Main St., and then you are done with the parade and can be back to hitting rides while a large number of people are still sitting and watching the parade. Of course, there is something about watching the parade on Main St. We often are heading out for a break after the parade and will watch on Main Street because it gets us closer to the exit.

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Thanks for the awesome information!