Magic Key Lawsuit Settlement Details

Link to the article below – I will pull some quotes later.


Background on original case:

Jenale Nielsen, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, purchased a Disneyland Dream Key and was unable make reservations as often as she expected to be able to. The main crux of her argument is about the meaning of “no blockout dates”. Disneyland advertised that the Dream Key had “no blockout dates”, but Dream Key holders could not make reservations on some days even though reservations were still available for guests with single-day and multi-day tickets. Her understanding of “no blockout dates” meant that she would be able to make a reservation any day of the year when reservations were still available because the park was not at capacity.

The settlement:

The proposed settlement amount for Class Members, all people who purchased Dream Keys, is $67.41 . No form is required to be filled out if you accept the settlement. You will be contacted by a third party company with details on how to receive the payment. You only need to take action if you want to exclude yourself from the settlement or if you want to object.

If you do the math, you can estimate that there were about 107,736 people who purchased Dream Keys. If there are 1 million people who have Magic Keys (a widely-accepted estimate), we now know that about 10 percent purchased the highest level. I think we can infer that there are about the same number of people who currently have the Inspire Key.

Not sure if it is a coincidence, but I just saw that the Inspire Key is no longer available for sale. Now there are no Magic Keys available of any category except for renewal.


MiceChat theorized that Disney would be raising prices as a result of the lawsuit.

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I know before Covid 1 million AP were widely accepted, but I don’t know if that’s still the case.

I guess I’ll get a whopping $67.41 for my $1600 pass. Woohoo.:smirk:

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