Magic just got real! We leave in 3 days


Kids will get these on Friday. :slight_smile:


Wow, awesome letters !!! You made them yourself ?


Thanks, I did! I ordered parchment paper from Etsy (although I think you can make it by soaking paper in tea water), got a Harry P font online for free, and bought wax and a Hogwarts seal on Amazon. :slight_smile:


Really awesome. I am TOTALLY stealing your idea !!! :smiley:


I’m flattered! Also found the McGonagall signature online and pasted it into my document!


This is AMAZING! Have a great time!


Thank you!!!


Love it! The wax seal is just the icing on the cake.


Thanks! As soon as my kids saw the wax seal, DH7 squealed, “Hogwarts!” We leave tomorrow!