Magic hours

Is there a way to customise your plan to include magic hours? I don’t want to waste fastpass choices if I could do those rides in the magic hour… TIA

i assume you are talking about early morning magic? i just put a note in and removed those rides and optimized the rest of my day.

I am really new to this so wanted the “big guy of TP” to configure it for me. :confused: I thought if I put in the start of my day and hour earlier it would work, but it doesn’t let me do that.

Are you sure it is not a early magic morning (paid event) day?

No - I looked on the Disney site to see which days had magic hours -

And it’s on this website too -

I wanted to have my TPs configured to include the additional hour if possible, but can’t see a way to do that.

If it’s set up correctly, the system should prompt you by asking you if you will be using the magic hours. When I set up a test for Epcot on Aug 17th:

“Epcot has Extra Magic Hours on August 17, 2017.
The additional hours are from 8am-9am.
Would you like to utilize this additional time?
Yes No”

A guess - are you creating a new custom tp?

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When I try to set up a plan for a day with EMH, it looks like this.

You just have to tick that you are using them.

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I was trying to use the pre-done Epcot One-Day Touring Plan for Tweens and Their Parents and just tweek it rather than starting from the beginning having to enter all the rides etc as I have no clue which rides are good.

so you want to copy the plan. then select edit to change the date you are going and to use extra magic hours. Then you can evaluate or optimize, provided the attractions on your list are not closed on the date you will be there.