Magic Happens Parade - Plaza Inn Dining Package Question?

Our family of 12 will be coming to Disneyland in March to celebrate Poppa’s 70th birthday! We’ll have six grandkids along - ages 4 to 17. We’ve booked the Plaza Inn Dining Package for Magic Happens preferred viewing for all 12. Do we all need to dine “in” with the meals? Could I pay for the packages at check in and receive our vouchers, then some of us sit down in the restaurant to eat but take the remaining “chicken” lunches (boxed) out into the park for the others who might be standing in line to ride, etc.? I’m thinking we’re looking at 6 dining in (including the youngest children) with 6 staying out in the park and eating their boxed lunches when they are able to stop for a bit. If you have teens in your life … stop for “a bit” is the key here. Thanking you in advance for your more experienced knowledge of Disneyland dining!


Sounds like you will be having lots of fun on this trip!!:heart::blush: I cant see why they would tell you no on boxing some of it up. The last Plaza dining package my DD and I did, I ate while my daughter asked for a box and took hers for later. So I think it should be good. :blush:


Great to hear!! Thank you!! :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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