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We had to postpone our August trip and now we are going to WDW Sunday!!!! 24 more hours!!! We were able to reschedule (and improve) our plans thanks to our wonderful TA GlamourGirl. Despite GG's 3 calls to ME, confirming my address each time, and their promise of delivery, we did not receive our new yellow luggage routing tags for the ME. Now they could arrive in today's (Saturday) mail, and I was convinced they would be here yesterday, but that would be a very close call. Certainly is not the end of the world, but come on!! Part of the fun is getting on the plane and NOT seeing your luggage until you are in your resort room. I will be sure to let you know if I get the white envelope today!!! In the meantime, I still have a Disney Smile on my face,.

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You can still use ME to collect your luggage.

Check your bags at the airport and keep your baggage claim tickets.

When you go to check into ME, give then your claim tickets. They will collect your luggage as if they had the yellow tags on them. Your luggage shoukd arrive the same time frame- about 3/4 hours after you.

Have a great trip!!

I hope you have a great trip @Wingsmom! Sunday is tomorrow! I'm sure you know that, but if I were leaving for WDW tomorrow, I'd be saying that to myself every 5 minutes. smile

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@SallyEppcot I have been saying "I'm going to DisneyWorld" which is the reason I was awake for several hours during the night!

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Do you do a little dance when you say it? I do. 37 days!!!


@DarthDopey Thanks so much for the info! You can bet we will have a great trip!

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