Magic express a day early?

We plan to arrive the day before and stay at the Hampton Inn the day before we check into our resort. Is it still possible to take the DME to Disney (anywhere would be fine) with our luggage and then Uber over to the Hampton? Or since our check in day isn’t until the next day is this not allowed?

To book DME they will verify your resort confirmation - so whilst you can use it without a flight, I doubt you will be able to use it without a valid Disney booking on that date.

I am wondering if you could book a one-night stay, book DME and then cancel the stay…have not seen that discussed, depends how much the parties involved talk to each other I suppose!

CYou are permitted one journey in each direction during the duration of your stay.

I don’t think booking and then cancelling a one-night stay will work; you check into DME with a magic band (or name and reservation for those without magic bands). That will then show up as not being “valid” that day.

IOW, booking DME isn’t an actual reservation for the bus. It’s more of an aide for DME to anticipate the demand peaks and troughs. Someone with an onsite reservation could turn up to DME without having booked, and would still be allowed onto a bus.

Does the Hampton have a shuttle to the airport? You could take that and book DME for the approximate time you’d be back at the airport. But you’d have to take your luggage with you.

The ME booking is automatically cancelled when you cancel resort reservation.

I changed my room-only to a package recently, which involved room-only cancellation and my ME was cancelled and re-booked immediately after.

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Thanks for confirming - I wasn’t sure as when we updated our DME time over the phone that information didn’t get as far as the bus driver, so there appears to be a disconnect somewhere. May just be the return trips, I know those are organised a little differently.