Magic Bands with a split stay

Question about our magic bands… We’ll be staying for 6 nights at one resort, and that reservation has our tickets on it. We’re leaving property for 2 nights to visit family, then doing 2 more nights at a second resort before we fly home.

Since our tickets and MYW package are part of the first stay, do I have to do anything extra to have the second stay linked to the magic bands? Or will this automatically happen since they are all linked on the same accounts?

How does this work, and do I have to do anything extra? I can see both reservations in my MDE account, so I think I’m good there, just not sure about the bands.


Any magic band linked to your account is interchangeable. You can use the bands from either stay on either hotel door, as tickets to the park, room charges, etc… You don’t have to do anything special.

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perfect. thanks! that’s what i was hoping. :slight_smile:

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