Magic Bands when we arrive

Good afternoon! Are the Magic Bands activated when we receive them? I’m just trying to figure out if we need to check in to the hotel first (staying on property) or can we head straight to the parks when we get there?

You can head straight to the parks! They are preloaded with your family’s reservation (including ticket) information!

Great! Thanks so much! That will save us time. Our travel agent wasn’t sure it would work.

The MBs are a link to your MDE account. The bands are scanned if you are taking DME. If you are going to the park first I would

We are driving in, staying overnight in Ormand Beach. Then we wake up early, and drive the rest of the way (it’s only like an hour and half from there). We are early risers and hoping to make it for Early Morning Magic Hours the day we check in.

Do you have the dining plan? I would still do online check in and say you are arriving at 6:00am.

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Yes, we have the dining plan. Good idea!